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Traffic bylaw changes enhance safety for pedestrians

16 December 2018

Look before you leap – updates to the City of Richmond’s traffic bylaw No. 5870 are now in effect. The changes aim to enhance traffic safety, particularly for pedestrians, encourage greater use of lower emission vehicles and bicycles, and expand permitted types of temporary roadway use.

Notable changes include:

  • Jaywalking: Pedestrians failing to cross an arterial road within a crosswalk or at an intersection are subject to a fine of $50.
  • Yield when crosswalk occupied: Motorists failing to yield to a pedestrian within a crosswalk or at an intersection are subject to a fine of $150.
  • Crossing when not permitted: Pedestrians who start crossing a roadway after the “Don’t Walk” signal is on are subject to a fine of $50.
  • Motorcycle, moped and bicycle parking: Allows the creation of dedicated on-street parking spots for the exclusive use of these vehicles at intersection corner clearances in the City Centre and Steveston Village areas.
  • Temporary storage containers: Allows placement of temporary moving and storage bins on certain City roadways and boulevards by permit for a fee of $30 per day.

Please walk, ride and drive safely. For tips on pedestrian safety, visit the Pedestrian Safety Homepage .