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2016 News and Information

City of Richmond to honour Olympian Evan Dunfee

31 August 2016

The City of Richmond will honour local Olympian Evan Dunfee on Saturday, September 3 as part of the Richmond World Festival celebrations happening in Minoru Park.

A special salute to Dunfee will take place at 6 p.m. on the World Festival main stage. Following the brief ceremony, Dunfee will be available for an autograph signing at the Olympic Experience tent on the festival grounds until approximately 7 p.m.

Dunfee, a Richmond resident and competitive race walker, won international acclaim in the recent Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games. Competing in the 50-kilometre race walk, Dunfee finished fourth, while setting a new Canadian record for the event, both notable achievements.

However, it was his actions post-race that brought him international attention. Dunfee was in contention for a medal throughout most of the race. With a few minutes to go in the race, he was bumped by another competitor as they were vying for third place position in the race. The bump disrupted Dunfee’s stride and he came in fourth.

An initial post-race appeal resulted in the other competitor being disqualified for interference, which would have resulted in Dunfee winning the bronze medal. That ruling was subsequently overturned, but Dunfee still had the opportunity of making a further appeal in an effort to be awarded a medal.

However, Dunfee declined pursuing further appeals explaining in a statement that: “Contact is part of our event, whether written or unwritten and is quite common, and I don't believe that this was malicious or done with intent. Even if an appeal… were successful, I would not have been able to receive that medal with a clear conscience, and it isn't something I would have been proud of."
Dunfee’s display of sportsmanship versus winning a medal drew worldwide acclaim and he was praised as one of the true “heroes” of the Rio Games providing inspiration to youth and others across the globe.

The City of Richmond is proud to officially recognize Dunfee’s accomplishments at the Rio 2016 Games and his true embodiment of the Olympic spirit.

The Richmond World Festival runs from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday in Minoru Park. Admission is free. Events details are at