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Delivery of Richmond’s new garbage carts starts today

Feb 1 2016

Starting today, new City of Richmond garbage carts will be delivered to Richmond residents with City curbside garbage collection service. The new carts are a major component of Richmond’s new biweekly Garbage Cart program, which is designed to encourage recycling and further divert waste from the landfill.

Cart delivery will take two months to reach the approximately 40,000 homes in the program, and biweekly garbage collection starts the week after residents receive their new cart. Recycling with Green Cart and the Blue Box/Blue Cart programs will continue to be collected weekly.

The City has launched a new, free Richmond Collection Schedule app available at the Apple and Android app stores to make it easy to keep track of collection days.
“Residents selected their preferred cart size starting in the fall and now they will soon have their new garbage carts,” says Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, who is also chair of the Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee. “This biweekly garbage collection program will provide both economic and environmental benefits to our community by helping us to continue to reduce garbage and increase recycling as part of our goal to be a Recycling Smart City, which aligns with regional waste reduction objectives.”

The carts are being delivered throughout February and March as it takes time to deliver and assemble the carts in all the collection zones. Cart deliveries will start in the Monday collection zone, followed by the Tuesday collection zone, etc.  Residents will receive an information kit with their cart that includes a customized collection calendar with details about how to transition to biweekly garbage collection, five free Garbage Tags to help deal with extra garbage during the transition to the new program, their Recycling and Garbage Collection Guide, and other materials with tips on how to use Richmond’s garbage and recycling services. Until carts are received, resident’s garbage will continue to be collected weekly.

Under the new biweekly Garbage Cart program, the City is providing residents with convenient-to-use garbage carts with lids and wheels, and their annual City utility fee for curbside garbage collection is based on the size of cart they use. The smaller the cart, the lower the utility fee. Biweekly collection (every other week) doesn’t start until after the cart is delivered.   The week of delivery, resident’s garbage will be collected using their normal garbage cans.  The week after delivery, residents use their new Garbage Cart for their garbage.  After this, resident’s new garbage carts will be emptied every other week.  Green Carts and Blue Boxes will continue to be emptied weekly. For details on the delivery schedule for each collection zone, please see the attached information sheet.
Existing garbage cans can be used for extra garbage; however, residents will need to purchase a $2 Garbage Tag each time an additional can is used (or use one of the complimentary garbage tags provided with the cart). Other options include using the cans to store household items or attaching a Green Can decal to the cans to use them for additional yard waste (80 litre or smaller containers only).

Residents can also recycle old garbage cans by bringing them to the Richmond Recycling Depot at 5555 Lynas Lane or arranging for them to be collected using Richmond’s Large Item Pick Up program by calling Sierra Waste at 604-270-4722.

The new Garbage Cart program is based on a Garbage Cart Pilot Program that found that residents with biweekly garbage collection increased their Blue Box recycling by 55 per cent and their Green Cart recycling by 44 per cent, and they reduced their garbage overall by twenty per cent. Reducing garbage is an important part of dealing with the increasing costs related to limited landfill space, as well as providing a more sustainable approach to waste management. 

More information on the City’s Garbage Cart program is available at www.richmond.ca/garbage and recycling program information is available at www.richmond.ca/recycling.

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