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2016 News and Information

Richmond Fire-Rescue’s new public education truck delivers life safety messages directly to students

11 May 2016

newfiretruckLocal elementary students are learning valuable public safety information thanks to Richmond Fire-Rescue’s new Public Education truck. The truck was acquired through a $35,000 sponsorship purchase by Coromandel Properties, a local property developer. It has been in operation since last fall.

The new truck is decorated with decals carrying public safety messages and an illustration of Blaze, Richmond Fire-Rescue’s mascot. The truck travels throughout the community, can be seen at major events and regularly visits local schools; helping to meet City Council’s term goals regarding a safe community by:

  • enhancing fire and life safety programs and service that improve community safety
  • displaying seasonal public education messaging
  • improving the perception through education that Richmond is a safe community.

“Over 1,000 students from both public and private schools have benefitted from the truck purchase since the fall,” says Deputy Chief Kim Howell. “Safety is important for Richmond citizens as well as Fire-Rescue. The new truck aids in the delivery of life-saving education to those in our community.  It also helps to communicates seasonal safety messages via decals wherever the truck travels. Fire-Rescue is grateful for the generous support from Coromandel Properties in helping us deliver this valuable community service.”

Within five years, almost all elementary school students in Richmond will have received fire and life safety education from Richmond Fire-Rescue

This new truck is part of a long term strategy that will enhance public safety throughout the city. It also supports Richmond Fire-Rescue’s mission statement of enhancing the City’s livability through service excellence in prevention, education and emergency response.