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2016 News and Information

Lulu Island Energy Company launches Kids Corner mascot design contest

21 November 2016

Adeu MascotThe City of Richmond and Lulu Island Energy Company invite Richmond residents to hop online and visit our new and improved Lulu Island Energy Company Website. More informative, fun, and easy to use, is a great resource for district energy customers and Richmond residents of all ages to explore.

The Lulu Island Energy Company is a wholly owned-municipal corporation, established to operate district energy systems in the City of Richmond. The systems utilize renewable sources of energy such as geothermal to centralize energy production for heating, cooling and/or domestic hot water. District energy has many benefits that help conserve energy, save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve reliability.

The new Kids Corner webpage offers Richmond residents an easily accessible, fun space to learn about the Lulu Island Energy Company and Richmond’s district energy systems. To kick off the launch of the Kids Corner, the Lulu Island Energy Company has created a mascot design contest which challenges school-aged residents to put pencil to paper and design a barn owl mascot for the Lulu Island Energy Company.

Barn Owls only please
Since the Alexandra District Energy Utility is in the direct flight path of the native Barn Owl, staff installed a Barn Owl Box on site to mitigate disturbance. To support renewable energy sources working in harmony with nature, the Lulu Island Energy company needs your help to design the new barn owl mascot. Your barn owl mascot could be picked to win a prize for your class and inspire kids just like you to be climate conscious energy savers.

To be eligible for the contest, entries must be created by Richmond residents aged 4-17, and all designs must be their own original work. The barn owl design must fit on a white piece of paper no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches and be submitted to the City before the contest deadline on Friday December 23, 2016 at 5 p.m.

To find out more regarding the mascot design contest please visit the and click on the Kids Corner webpage. While there, check out the maze and word search, with more to come soon.