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2016 News and Information

New community centres, animal shelter top Richmond’s building list

14 December 2016

An expanded Steveston Community Centre and Library, a second community centre for Richmond’s rapidly-growing City Centre, a new Richmond Animal Shelter, a new Lawn Bowling Clubhouse and restoration of the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site and Phoenix Net Loft have been moved to the top of Richmond City Council’s “to do” priority list for major facilities development.

“Our community is continuing to grow and evolve and we need to ensure our civic facilities continue to meet the high standards of customer service our residents expect,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “These projects serve a diverse array of community needs for today and for the future.”

The five projects have been identified as Council’s key priorities within Richmond’s Major Facilities Plan. A rigorous two-year review considered 148 existing civic facilities, new facility demands, funding availability and other considerations in determining which projects should receive priority ranking. The overall cost and timing of the projects is yet to be determined. Further public consultation is also required before Council makes a final decision to green light the projects.

On Monday, Council approved $2 million in funding to begin advanced planning and design for the proposed facilities.

The new City Centre Community Centre North project has received preliminary approval by Council. Subject to final rezoning approval, the centre will be funded through a developer contribution associated with redevelopment of the site.

Other new priority projects may arise over time as community needs change or other funding opportunities become available. The priority list does not include ongoing capital investments for facility upkeep and maintenance or facility improvements to ensure existing facilities continue to meet community needs.