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2016 News and Information

Richmond’s public art contest asks How Art Works for you

2016 May 5

The City of Richmond has just launched its No.3 Road art column contest – a chance for artists and other creative people to put their imaginations to the test and create public art for all to enjoy. From now until Thursday, May 26, Metro Vancouver residents are invited to submit their designs, of which twelve will be selected to form the No. 3 Road art column exhibition in the fall of 2016.Painting HAW

The contest challenge? To create an artistic graph, in the style of the current How Art Works campaign, that highlights two arts-related themes, activities or benefits that reflect how the arts impact individual and/or community health and well-being.

The selection of exhibition works will be conducted by an arms-length selection panel made up of artists, arts professionals and community representatives. Submissions must be digital two-dimensional artworks using a graph template, available online. Visit for the template, submission details and inspiration.

The No. 3 Road art column contest is open to anyone 16 years and over who lives in Metro Vancouver. Participants do not have to be professional Ballerina HAWartists to enter the contest. Twelve artists’ work will be selected for display in the art columns located along No. 3 Road at prominent locations outside the Aberdeen and Lansdowne Canada Line stations. Selected artists will each receive $400. People’s Choice and two Honourable Mentions will also be awarded prizes.

City Council recognizes the arts are integral to vibrant communities. Participation in the arts make people happier, healthier, better students and better professionals; the arts stimulate conversations, help people recover from injury, can be economic drivers and much more.

The No. 3 Road art columns are a unique opportunity to showcase an exhibit of local artists and contemporary public art in Richmond. Since 2009, a rotating series of artist exhibitions have been installed in the No. 3 Road art columns, to enhance the experience of commuters and passers-by. This is the first series to be selected through a contest.

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