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2016 News and Information

Search for hidden treasures at Richmond’s annual Geocaching Extravaganza on May 1

27 April 2016

GeocachingCharge your smartphone or GPS and come to the Richmond Nature Park on Sunday, May 1 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to try geocaching, an extremely popular and fast growing outdoor treasure hunt for families, groups and individuals of all ages.

This free event includes everything you need to know to get started with this activity. Experienced geocachers will show beginners how to find caches that are cleverly hidden, in plain sight, in the Nature Park. There will also be workshops for experienced geocachers. Check out the event page GC6BM16 on for more information.

“Looking for something to do on the long summer days that are just around the corner or at any time of the year? Then try this high-tech modern-day treasure hunt that you can do in your neighbourhood or wherever your travels take you. There are over 2.6 million geocaches hidden worldwide so come to the Nature Park on May 1 and let us get you started,” says Ian Hewitt, President of the British Columbia Geocaching Association.

The City of Richmond’s Geo-Quest program is a series of 30 geocaches hidden in parks, on trails and at community facilities. While on your “quest”, discover Richmond's unique natural and cultural heritage sites and find many hidden gems throughout the city. You can even receive a prize if you find all of the caches in the series and complete the passport. For all the details about the City’s program, visit

This event is suitable for all ages. Parking at the Richmond Nature Park is limited so please consider your impact on the environment and consider travelling by bus or bicycle.

The Richmond Nature Park is located at 11851 Westminster Highway. For more information, please call 604-718-6188 or visit