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2016 News and Information

Province provides $16.6 million for flood mitigation in Richmond

24 March 2016

As part of the public-safety funding announced in the 2016  provincial budget, the Province is committing $16.6 million toward a  flood mitigation project in Richmond that will upgrade multiple pump  stations. 

The $24.95-million project includes $8.3 million from the City of  Richmond. The combined funding will help Richmond rebuild four pump  stations that have reached the end of their functional lifespan and  enhance 1,750 metres of the north dike to accommodate rising sea levels  induced by climate change. 

Richmond is the highest-risk area in B.C. for coastal and freshet  flooding. This investment will protect important provincial and  national infrastructure assets, including the Vancouver International  Airport and SkyTrain. 

The provincial investment is part of over $49 million being provided to  flood mitigation projects in communities across British Columbia. 

In the 2016 budget, the B.C. government announced $65 million to help  keep communities safe, including $16 million in public safety  preparedness initiatives and $49 million in community hazard mitigation  initiatives, such as upgrades to dikes and flood protection. 

Leading up to 2016 budget, B.C. has committed significant funding to  flood mitigation and prevention. Since 2008, the Province has committed  $174 million with the federal government to pay for 168 flood  mitigation projects in 65 communities throughout British Columbia.  

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