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2016 News and Information

Cranberries to make big splash at Richmond Olympic Oval

13 October 2016

cranberriesatovalRichmond’s fields are again awash in cranberries as the harvest of the City’s largest cash crop is in full swing. Beginning Monday, October 17, the water feature at the Richmond Olympic Oval will also  turn brilliantly red with more than 30,000 pounds of floating cranberries to celebrate the annual harvest and Richmond’s continued role as North America’s leading producer of the mighty red berry.

The bright red sea of locally grown cranberries is thanks to the City of Richmond and Richmond Olympic Oval’s continued partnership with the Richberry Group and local cranberry growers from the Richmond area.  There are more than 60 cranberry growers in Richmond that are members of the Ocean Spray co-operative. In 2015, a record BC crop of over 45 million kilograms (100 million pounds) of cranberries was harvested over 822 hectares. Over 95 per cent of cranberries grown by BC growers are used to make Ocean Spray products such as juice and Craisins.

Cranberry spectacles have become a common sight in Richmond City Centre. This is third time since 2009 that the Oval’s water feature has been filled with cranberries. During the 2010 Games, a massive depiction of the Olympic rings, filled with 13 million cranberries, was on display at Brighouse Park as part of Richmond’s hugely popular Olympic celebration site. The water feature at Richmond City Hall was also filled with cranberries during the 2010 Games, with local growers giving daily demonstrations and talks on the art of growing and harvesting cranberries.

Residents and visitors alike are invited to come out to the Oval and celebrate one of Richmond’s unique features. Don’t miss your chance to take a photo with your friends and family with a sea of red cranberries as the backdrop as the berries will only be there until the end of October.