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2016 News and Information

Richmond Council approves community service grants

Feb 10 2016

Richmond City Council has approved more than 65 grants with a value of more than $835,000 as part of its annual community grants programs. Funds go toward supporting local and regional organizations which provide a wide variety of important community services.

“Richmond is a thriving, evolving city and that means there is growing demand on community services,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “Our community partners have a very important and vital role as they are the frontline providers of many valuable and critical services for our community. Richmond’s grants programs are designed in order to support these groups to achieve their objectives through additional support and funding which in turn benefits the whole community.”

To address specific community needs the City has established four different grant programs:

  • health, social and safety services;
  • arts and culture;
  • child care capital; and,
  • parks, recreation and community events.

The City has been steadily increasing the amount of funding awarded through its grants program. The grants program is not designed to be a primary funding source for the organization it supports but rather assumes a support role and serves to provide some additional assistance to ensure community needs are addressed and to build community group’s capacity to deliver important services. The grant program is especially important for many local organizations because they are faced with challenges in securing funding from senior governments and others at the levels necessary to meet demand.

Funding for the grant program primarily comes from casino revenue received by the City, with additional funding for child care grants from the City’s Child Care Development Reserve, which is funded by contributions from new developments.

Community groups apply annually for grants, but some can qualify for consideration of multi-year funding.  To assist organizations in submitting their applications, a web-based application system provides applicants with an integrated, user-friendly, efficient online system. For more information, visit