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2016 News and Information

Canada Post service disruption – here’s what you need to know

08 July 2016

Should a Canada post service disruption occur, printed documents that the City of Richmond normally sends out by mail may experience delays in being delivered. In addition, if there are documents or cheques the public mails to the City, they will not be received until the service disruption ends. 

Below, is a list of the  paperless options available for conduction business with the City – online and in-person. If you need to deliver printed paper copies of documents, consider dropping them off at City Hall or using a courier service. Richmond City Hall is located at 6911 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6Y 2C1.

Paying the City - licenses, permits, payments and grants

Online services at offer fast and convenient options for licenses, permits, payments and grants.

Please note, even in the event of a mail service stoppage, you are responsible for ensuring that your payments arrive when they are due.

Property taxes and utility billing

Property taxes and utility billing can be paid:

  • Through online/telephone banking
  • In-person at your financial institution
  • In-person at City Hall

Home owner grants

Home owner grant claims may be filed online or in-person at City Hall

Tax deferral renewals

Tax deferral renewals can be received in-person at City Hall.

Bylaw/parking ticket payments

Bylaw/parking ticket payment amounts and due dates are printed on your notice. You may pay them either:

  • Online
  • In-person at City Hall

Due to the mail disruption, courtesy reminders may not reach you. Please make notes of due dates as you are responsible for making payments on-time.

Permits and licenses

Residential Parking Permits and Dog Licenses

Most licence payments and renewals can be processed online – and all can be paid in-person at City Hall or dropped off at the main entrance mail slot.

If you do not receive your:

• Monthly parking permit that you have paid for, we will have your licence plate on record and you will not be ticketed.

• Dog tags that you have paid for will not be fined.

Business Licence Renewals and Applications

If you have not received your business licence renewal, email with the details of your business.

Licence applications can be sent to or brought to City Hall in person.

Corresponding with Mayor and Council

Please email

Receiving payments from the City

In lieu of mailing out cheques, the City will be providing the following options:

In Person Pick-up:

1) Suppliers/customers can pick-up their cheques in person at the information reception desk located at the 1st Floor of Richmond City Hall. A City representative will contact your business when a cheque is ready for pick-up.

Direct Deposit/EFT

2) Payments can be deposited electronically into the supplier’s/customer’s bank account. To sign up for direct deposit, please:

1. Complete the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form

2. Scan and email the completed EFT Form, along with a void cheque copy or a bank account verification letter issued by your financial institution to

3. Or fax the completed EFT Form, along with a void cheque or a bank account verification letter issued by your financial institution to 604-276-4162

Sending Invoices to the City:

Suppliers/customers may send their invoices electronically to, or alternatively, may drop off their invoices to City Hall during business hours Monday to Friday 8:15 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. After business hours, invoices can be dropped off at the City Hall drop box, located at the back (North side) of the building.

Other questions

For other mail-related concerns, please contact us via email at or call 604-276-4000.