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2016 News and Information

Ackroyd Road extension creates key link in Richmond’s City Centre street network

27 July 2016

The City of Richmond has completed the latest leg in its ongoing objective to build a more convenient street network and enhanced streetscape in Richmond’s City Centre. Today, an extension of Ackroyd Road connecting Minoru Boulevard and No. 3 Rd opened to the public. This relatively short but important addition creates a continuous street linking Ackroyd Road with Elmbridge Way. Measuring 2.2 kilometres in length, this continuous road is now one of the longest east-west streets within the City Centre.

“The easy movement of people and goods through our community is vital to our quality of life and economic health,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “As Richmond and our City Centre grows, we are constantly making targeted, incremental improvements to our street network to increase mobility.”

The new street is an integral part of the larger City Centre Transportation Plan. The plan aims to redefine the street network in Richmond’s City Centre to benefit all road users including pedestrians, cyclists, transit-users, and drivers. It also creates shorter blocks that increase accessibility. Planned street improvements are being completed incrementally as new development creates necessary rights-of-way and project funding becomes available through Development Cost Charges, grants from governmental partners or other sources.

The opening of the new Ackroyd Road, one of several east-west streets included in the City Centre plan, now makes it easier for drivers to get around congestion points by providing an alternative east-west route through downtown Richmond.

As part of continuous improvements, the City is advancing its plan to implement several other important road projects in the City Centre in the near future, including:

  • Lansdowne Road: road extension with new multi-use path for cyclists and pedestrians on north side between Alderbridge Way and Minoru Boulevard.  Timing – this year.
  • Gilbert Road: widening to provide better traffic flow and on-street bike lanes between Lansdowne Road and Dinsmore Bridge. Timing – 2016
  • River Road: widening to four lanes between Hollybridge Way and Gilbert Road.
  • Timing – 1-2 years

The City Centre Transportation Plan is a vital component in guiding the on-going development within Richmond’s City Centre.

For more information on the City Centre Transportation Plan, visit: