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News & Events

2013 News and Information

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24-Dec-13 Christmas Tree Recycling for a Good Cause
23-Dec-13 City Hall Closed for the Holidays
20-Dec-13 City of Richmond Employees Boost Local Charities
19-Dec-13 New Joint Fire Hall and Ambulance Station Planned for Richmond
19-Dec-13 Prepare Yourself, Your Property, and Your Vehicle This Winter
18-Dec-13 Do You Need a Snow Angel This Winter?
18-Dec-13 City Hall Closed for the Holidays
18-Dec-13 Stay Safe at Night
18-Dec-13 Christmas Tree Recycling for a Good Cause
18-Dec-13 Keep Your Bike in Use All Year-Round
18-Dec-13 Walk Through a Winter Wonderland
18-Dec-13 Richmond Council Provides Financial Commitments for More Than 400 New Affordable Housing Units  
12-Dec-13 Videos of Richmond’s Sporting History Needed for the Richmond Olympic Experience
- Richmond Olympic Oval Corporation Notice
12-Dec-13 Statement from Mayor Malcolm Brodie on approval of Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project
12-Dec-13 Richmond’s Snow Angels Will Come to the Rescue for the Fifth Winter Season 
10-Dec-13 Richmond Council Approves 2014 Operating Budget 
05-Dec-13 Richmond’s Newcomers Guide Now Available in Punjabi
05-Dec-13 Richmond Olympic Oval 5th Anniversary Celebrations 
- Richmond Olympic Oval Corporation Notice
04-Dec-13 Keep Your Bike in Use All Year-Round
04-Dec-13 Share Your Voice For a Healthier Community
04-Dec-13 Register for Parks, Recreation and Culture Winter and Spring Programs
04-Dec-13 Dog Licensing 2014
04-Dec-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting
04-Dec-13 Public Asked to Complete the City of Richmond’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Survey
02-Dec-13 Create Memories, Not Garbage - Metro Vancouver Notice 
02-Dec-13 Community Artefacts Needed for Museum’s New Exhibition
02-Dec-13 Youth Invited to Share Thoughts on Where They Thrive in Richmond
29-Nov-13 City of Richmond to Join Multi Materials BC Program
28-Nov-13  Thirty Two Christmas Trees Now at City Hall for 13th Winter Wonderland  
28-Nov-13  Minoru Chapel Opera Adds Sparkle to the Festive Season  
27-Nov-13 Have Some Feathery Fun With Owls at Richmond Nature Park
27-Nov-13 “Light up” the Fire Halls with Richmond Fire-Rescue 
26-Nov-13  Fourth PechaKucha Night Will Drive you to Rethink Transportation 
25-Nov-13 Richmond Community Safety Building now LEED Gold certified
20-Nov-13 Cambie Field Park Proposed Land Sale and Park Relocation
20-Nov-13  Get Ready to Register for Parks, Recreation and Culture Winter and Spring 2014 Programs
20-Nov-13 Minoru Chapel Opera
20-Nov-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting
20-Nov-13 Share Your Voice for a Healthier Community
20-Nov-13 Dog Licensing 2014
15-Nov-13 Light Up the Night – Family Hanukkah Party at Richmond Library 
14-Nov-13 Let’s Talk About the Garden City Lands Conceptual Options
14-Nov-13 City of Richmond Moves Forward with Plans for Major New Aquatic and Older Adults' Centres 
08-Nov-13  Richmond City Hall Closed for Remembrance Day 
06-Nov-13  Richmond Stages Fun-Filled Day in Light of Diwali 
06-Nov-13   Want to Work Out on Remembrance Day?
06-Nov-13  Gateway Scoops Toronto Theatre Sensation 
06-Nov-13  Protect Yourself and Your Electronic Devices 
06-Nov-13  Now is The Time to Test Your Smoke Alarm  
06-Nov-13  Minoru Chapel Opera 
06-Nov-13  Richmond Remembers War Heroes on November 11
05-Nov-13  Public Invited to Shape Major New Park in Heart of Richmond 
05-Nov-13 You Too Can Build a Solid Family Tree – Come to Richmond Museum’s Genealogy Workshop to Learn How
05-Nov-13 Alexandra District Energy Utility Wins Major Awards 
30-Oct-13 Public Input Sought on Design Concepts for Garden City Lands
30-Oct-13 Mushroom Fun at The Richmond Nature Park
29-Oct-13 A Powerful Puccini Concert Set to Hit the Stage at Richmond’s Minoru Chapel 
28-Oct-13 Residents Reminded to Put Safety First This Halloween
25-Oct-13  Temporary Dike Trail Closure Next Week
23-Oct-13  Bike to Work Week: October 28 to November 3
23-Oct-13 Pedestrian safety  
23-Oct-13  Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, October 30 
22-Oct-13  Time to Encounter Some Wild Things at Richmond Nature Park 
17-Oct-13 Richmond Fire Chief and Friends Roll up Their Sleeves for United Way Car Wash
16-Oct-13 Spooktacular Richmond treats: Halloween Fireworks and Events  
15-Oct-13 Diwali Celebrations at Cambie Library - Richmond Public Library Notice
11-Oct-13 Be Prepared by Participating in October 17 Earthquake Drill  
11-Oct-13 Richmond Maritime Festival Officially Breaks a Guinness World Record 
10-Oct-13 Richmond City Hall closed on Thanksgiving 
10-Oct-13  Economic Uncertainty Won’t Stop Business Growth 
09-Oct-13  Richmond Honours Greg Halsey-Brandt with Freedom of the City
09-Oct-13  Richmond Accepting Applications for Annual City Grant Programs 
09-Oct-13  Want to Work Out on Thanksgiving Day, October 14 
09-Oct-13 Pedestrian Safety 
09-Oct-13 Drop, Cover and Hold on – ShakeOut BC 
09-Oct-13 Block Watch Works 
09-Oct-13  Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, October 16
09-Oct-13 Which Design Would You “Like” to see as a Richmond Street Banner?  
04-Oct-13 Public Input Opportunity 
03-Oct-13  Richmond Fire-Rescue Wants you to Prevent Kitchen Fires
02-Oct-13 Which Design Would You “Like” to See as a Richmond Street Banner?
02-Oct-13 Richmond Nature Park’s Fossil Show on This Weekend
01-Oct-13 Six Lower Mainland Communities Launch Mobile Business Licence  -Province of British Columbia Notice
27-Sep-13 Clear Your Storm Drains for a Rainy Weekend 
26-Sep-13 Historic Seine Net Loft Officially Opens
25-Sep-13 Celebrate a Classical Music Composer’s 200th Birthday at Minoru Chapel Opera Series
24-Sep-13 Richmond Hosts Celebrated Author as Writer-in-Residence
18-Sep-13 City of Richmond Calls for Advisory Committee Members
18-Sep-13 What Makes a Healthy Community in Richmond?
18-Sep-13 Explore Alternate Realities at PechaKucha Night in Richmond
17-Sep-13 Shoreline Cleanup to Kick Off at Iona Regional Beach Park in Richmond 
16-Sep-13 Richmond Recycles 68% of Waste Thanks to New Programs
16-Sep-13 Richmond Loves Culture
13-Sep-13 Richmond Public Library Hosts Talk by Chinese Writer Pai Hsien-yung
13-Sep-13 Get Ready Richmond - Personal Preparedness Workshops
13-Sep-13 Get Ready Richmond - Fire/Life Safety Workshops
12-Sep-13 Taking Action on Richmond’s Energy Use and Emissions
10-Sep-13 Richmond Adopts Groundbreaking Social Development Strategy 
04-Sep-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, September 11, 2013
04-Sep-13 Opening of the Seine Net Loft Building at Britannia Shipyards
04-Sep-13 Culture Days
04-Sep-13 Caretaker Wanted
04-Sep-13 Road Closure Advisory
04-Sep-13 Meet the Good, the Bad and the “Bugly”
03-Sep-13 Safety a Priority While Students Go Back to School
30-Aug-13 Bayview Sidewalk Temporarily Closed
30-Aug-13 We Pick Up Large Household Items Too!
30-Aug-13 Richmond’s Minoru Seniors Society Launches New Logo
28-Aug-13 City Appointments 2014
27-Aug-13  Richmond City Hall Closed on Labour Day
26-Aug-13 Keep Richmond’s Parks Fire Hazard-Free
21-Aug-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, August 28, 2013
21-Aug-13 Richmond Seeks Artists’ Creations for Canada Line Station
21-Aug-13 Splash Yourself with Fun Richmond Days of Summer Events
21-Aug-13 See Your Creativity Fly Above Richmond Streets
21-Aug-13 Outdoor Movie Night in the Park
21-Aug-13 Ponies in the Park
21-Aug-13 Salmon Row
21-Aug-13 Asphalt Paving Advisory - Continuing until August 31
21-Aug-13 Lawn Sprinkling Restrictions June 1 – September 30
19-Aug-13 Richmond Museum Presents an Interurban Tram History Bus Trip
15-Aug-13 See your Creativity Fly Above Richmond Streets  
14-Aug-13 The City of Richmond Presents the Mortal Coil Performance Society Production of Salmon Row
14-Aug-13 Soaring falcons perform at Richmond’s Terra Nova Rural Park
09-Aug-13 World Record Smashed at Richmond Maritime Festival
09-Aug-13 Discarded Smoking Materials and Bark Mulch Equal a Hazardous Duo
08-Aug-13  Richmond’s Fun in the Sun Continues Right Through August
07-Aug-13 All Aboard! At the Steveston Interurban Tram
07-Aug-13 Gateway Theatre Single Tickets on Sale Now!- Gateway Theatre Notice
07-Aug-13 10th Annual Richmond Maritime Festival
07-Aug-13 Discover Local Birds of Prey at the Raptor Festival
07-Aug-13 Outdoor Movie in the Park Returns to East Richmond
06-Aug-13 Safe Boating will Lead to Fun Summer Days in Richmond Waters
06-Aug-13 Maritime Festival Offers Summertime Fun on the Waterfront
31-Jul-13 Richmond City Hall closed for BC Day
31-Jul-13 Indulge in Local Blueberries for the Richmond Nature Park Society 
30-Jul-13 One Word Can Make you a Guinness World Record Holder 
30-Jul-13  Swimming Safely Should be a Priority this Summer 
29-Jul-13 Steveston Museum Brings Back the Good Old Wash Days
25-Jul-13 Soak Up all the Fun with Richmond Days of Summer
24-Jul-13  Let’s Recycle Food Scraps Too! 
24-Jul-13 Notice of Partnering Agreement  
23-Jul-13 Richmond Seeks Artists’ Creations for Canada Line Station 
19-Jul-13   Richmond Library Hosts Talk on the Portrayal of Chinese Canadian History in Three Popular Novels  - Library Notice
19-Jul-13 Merrily Sing Your Way to a Guinness World Record
17-Jul-13 Notice of Intention to Provide Assistance
17-Jul-13 Get Ready to Register for Parks, Recreation and Culture Fall Programs
17-Jul-13 Summer Fun Night is here!
17-Jul-13 Take a Survey on Your Health and Well-being-Vancouver Coastal Health Notice
17-Jul-13 Want to Work Out on BC Day, August 5?
17-Jul-13 Write Your Own Cloth Letter of Hope, Friendship and Solidarity to Young Tsunami Victims in Japan
17-Jul-13 Knock Your Socks Off for the Richmond Maritime Festival
16-Jul-13 Every Day in B.C. Roadside Workers Risk Being Seriously or Fatally Injured in the “Cone Zone”
16-Jul-13 On the Move: Richmond’s Transportation Legacy at the Richmond Museum
15-Jul-13 Dry Backyard Trees and Plants Pose Summer Fire Hazard
15-Jul-13 City of Richmond Takes Next Steps Towards Care of Soils in ALR Lands
11-Jul-13 Safety Precautions During BBQ Season can Mean the Difference Between Fun and Tragedy
10-Jul-13 Styling the Past at Steveston Museum
08-Jul-13 Submissions Open for Lulu Awards Recognizing Excellence in Urban Design in Richmond
04-Jul-13 PechaKucha Night Will Expose Identities in Richmond
03-Jul-13  Richmond Students Meet Climate Change Head-On
03-Jul-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, July 10, 2013
02-Jul-13 Public Invited to Help Shape Healthier Communities -Vancouver Coastal Health Notice
28-Jun-13 Richmond City Hall Closed on Canada Day 
27-Jun-13 Glimpse the Glory and the Gory of Steveston’s Past
26-Jun-13 My Health My Community: Your Voice for a Healthier Community- Vancouver Coastal Health Notice
26-Jun-13 Want to Work Out on Canada Day, July 1?
26-Jun-13 Experience Adventure at Ships to Shore Steveston
26-Jun-13 Soak up the Fun at Richmond Days of Summer
21-Jun-13 Sign Up For Richmond RCMP’s Summer Youth Camps
21-Jun-13 Walk the Plank for Long Weekend Fun in Historic Steveston 
20-Jun-13 Public Art:  StoreFront - Objects of Desire
19-Jun-13 Avoid Line-ups at the Richmond Property Tax Office
19-Jun-13 Are You Ready?- Gateway Theatre Notice
19-Jun-13 June Environmental Sustainability Workshops 
18-Jun-13  Help Shape the Future of Richmond’s Hamilton Community
18-Jun-13 Canada’s Cultural Diversity Celebrated on Canada Day Weekend in Richmond 
12-Jun-13 Help Shape Hamilton’s Future
12-Jun-13 People With Disabilities (PWD) Parking Decal
11-Jun-13 Richmond’s Financial Reporting Adds Up to Decade of Excellence
07-Jun-13 Asphalt Paving Advisory - June 4 to August 31
07-Jun-13  Small Ships, Tall Ships and “Green” Ships Sailing to Steveston for Canada Day Weekend 
06-Jun-13 Green Carts Are Now Being Collected
06-Jun-13  Transitions Art Explores Life’s Journeys- Richmond Art Gallery Notice
05-Jun-13 13th Annual Island City, by Bike Tour 
05-Jun-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting  - Wednesday, June 12
05-Jun-13 Notice of Council Meeting for the Purpose of Presenting the 2012 Annual Report
04-Jun-13 Sunny Richmond Hosts Fun Events All Summer Long 
03-Jun-13 Annual Bike Tour Will Have You Spinning Your Wheels in Richmond
03-Jun-13 BC Gun Amnesty - RCMP Notice
30-May-13 Conserve Water for Hot Summer Days: Taste it, Don’t Waste it!
30-May-13 Richmond’s Older Adults Celebrated Through Cultural Mosaic
29-May-13 Richmond Backs Use of Digital Media to Promote Accessibility
28-May-13 New Green Cart Collection for Richmond’s Residents Starts Next Week
27-May-13 Future Starts Now for Garden City Lands
27-May-13 Three Youth to Represent Richmond at Provincial Heritage Fair
24-May-13 Literacy FIRST - Richmond Public Library Notice
22-May-13 Richmond Olympic Oval Reports Financial and Popular Success
22-May-13 Finest Water Flows in Richmond’s Tap: Taste it, Don’t Waste it
22-May-13 13th Annual Island City, by Bike Tour - Sunday, June 9
22-May-13 Bike to Work Week: May 27 - June 2
22-May-13 Cambie Spring Swap Meet Saturday, May 25
22-May-13 Fun For All Ages at the Engineering & Public Works Open House
22-May-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, May 29
22-May-13 June Environmental Sustainability Workshops
17-May-13 City Hall Closed for Victoria Day
17-May-13 Newspaper Distribution Regulation Bylaw No. 7954
16-May-13 Bayview Boardwalk Now Open to the Public
14-May-13 Have a Peek on What’s Behind the Scenes that Keeps Richmond Running
13-May-13 Celebrate National Public Works Week at the City of Richmond’s Engineering and Public Works Open House
09-May-13 Public Invited to Help Create Future of Garden City Lands
09-May-13 Richmond Seeks Comments on Plans for New City Centre Park
09-May-13 Winners Announced for Richmond’s Fifth Annual Arts Awards
08-May-13 New and Improved Criminal Activity Map
08-May-13 Richmond Celebrates Asian Heritage Month
08-May-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, May 15th
08-May-13 Richmond Night Market Traffic Advisory
07-May-13 Artists' Talk and Meet & Greet at the Richmond Art Gallery - Richmond Art Gallery Notice
07-May-13 Celebrate Move for Health Day - May 10 at Minoru Park
06-May-13 Asphalt Paving Advisory
02-May-13 Drivers Reminded to Slow Down, Move Over
02-May-13 It's Time to Get Moving Toward Better Health
01-May-13 May Environmental Sustainability - Register for Free Classes
01-May-13 Richmond Seeks Public Input on Proposed Steveston Village Conservation Strategies
01-May-13 Get Ready Richmond Personal Preparedness Workshops
30-Apr-13 What do Richmond’s Youth Know About Canadian Heritage?
30-Apr-13 Richmond’s Youth Have Much to Celebrate
25-Apr-13 Richmond Celebrates Asian Heritage Month
24-Apr-13 Wakayama Children’s Choir Takes the Stage with Richmond Youth Honour Choir
24-Apr-13 Richmond’s Heritage Presented at First PechaKucha Night in the City
24-Apr-13 Richmond’s Treasures Revealed at Doors Open 2013
23-Apr-13 Would you Like to Help Shape Steveston’s Future?
23-Apr-13 Move for Your Health May 6 - 10
22-Apr-13 1st TAFISA World Martial Arts Games to be Hosted in Richmond, BC, Canada - Richmond Olympic Oval Notice
22-Apr-13 Donizetti to Close Minoru Chapel Opera’s Spring Season
22-Apr-13 Take a Vocation! - Richmond Public Library Notice
19-Apr-13 Finalists Announced for Fifth Annual Richmond Arts Awards
18-Apr-13 Richmond Fire-Rescue Warns of Vacant Property Hazards
17-Apr-13 Speed Skating Recruitment Clinics to Place Fast Hockey Players on the Path to Glory - Richmond Olympic Oval Notice
17-Apr-13 Celebrate 40 Years of Harmony
17-Apr-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, April 24
17-Apr-13 Fraser River Boat Cruise
17-Apr-13 Richmond Celebrates Earth Day 2013
16-Apr-13 Celebrate Earth Day Around the City
15-Apr-13 New Crosswalk at Garden City Road and Granville Avenue
11-Apr-13 Residents Invited to View Richmond’s 2013 Capital Projects
11-Apr-13 Our Planet, Our Future. Are You REaDY to Make a Difference?
11-Apr-13 See the Fraser River as You’ve Never Seen it Before
11-Apr-13 Nobel Prize Winner Mo Yan Highlighted at Richmond Library - Richmond Public Library Notice
10-Apr-13 Richmond Fire-Rescue Long Service Members and Fire Fighter Recruits Honoured
10-Apr-13 Want to Know What’s Happening in Your Neighbourhood?
10-Apr-13 Traffic Signal Change Advisory
10-Apr-13 Asphalt Paving Advisory
10-Apr-13 Open House on East Richmond’s Drainage and Irrigation System
09-Apr-13 Do You Know Someone Who Deserves a Richmond Heritage Award?
09-Apr-13 City of Richmond Requests Feedback on Drainage and Irrigation
08-Apr-13 Richmond Ranks in Top 10 fDi “Cities of the Future”, Again
04-Apr-13 Electric Vehicles get Free “Fuel Up” at Richmond’s New Charging Stations
04-Apr-13 Richmond Fire-Rescue responds to Richmond Plywood Mill Fire
03-Apr-13 $60-million Affordable Housing Development Breaks Ground in Richmond - BC Housing Notice
03-Apr-13 Get Ready Richmond - Personal Preparedness Workshops
03-Apr-13 Open House on East Richmond’s Drainage and Irrigation System
03-Apr-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, April 10
03-Apr-13 April Environmental Sustainability - Register for Free Classes
03-Apr-13 Property Crime Locations Now Accessible to Community
02-Apr-13 Poetry Recital at Richmond Library
28-Mar-13 Asphalt Paving Advisory – Knight Street
28-Mar-13 A Delightful Cuppa for Minoru Chapel Opera
28-Mar-13 41,000 Green Carts Roll into Richmond Homes in April and May
27-Mar-13 City of Richmond Welcomes Comments on Plans for Proposed Garden City Bike Terrain Park
26-Mar-13 City Hall Closed for Easter Holidays
25-Mar-13 Richmond Library Launches First Taiwanese-Canadian Book - Richmond Public Library Notice
20-Mar-13 Explore the Art of Public Space
20-Mar-13 Easter Egg-citement
20-Mar-13 Get Active this Long Weekend
20-Mar-13 Garbage/Recycling Placement Reminder
20-Mar-13 Rendezvous with Reptiles at Richmond Nature Park
20-Mar-13 Earth Hour - 8:30-9:30 pm, March 23
20-Mar-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, March 27
20-Mar-13 Richmond Heritage Awards
19-Mar-13 March/April Environmental Sustainability Workshops - Register for Free Classes
19-Mar-13 Turn off the lights on Earth Hour, March 23
14-Mar-13 Get Ready Richmond - Personal Preparedness Workshops for March and April 2013
13-Mar-13 Vancouver International Grand Prix March 23 - 24 - Richmond Olympic Oval Notice
12-Mar-13 City of Richmond Reaches Agreement with Inside Workers
12-Mar-13 Free Event on Health, Energy and Inspiration for Older Adults
11-Mar-13 Spring Ahead with Sound Advice – Change Batteries in Smoke Alarms
08-Mar-13 2012 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Interim Report is Now Online
06-Mar-13 Final Call for Nominations to the Fifth annual Richmond Arts Awards
05-Mar-13 Richmond Library Hosts Discussion About the Diaoyutai Islands - Richmond Public Library Notice
05-Mar-13 Activate! Wellness Fair
05-Mar-13 Lulu Series: Art in the City - Free Guest Speaker Event
05-Mar-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, March 13
05-Mar-13 It’s a ‘Growing Problem’ in Our Community!
05-Mar-13 Richmond Launches New Business Development Initiative
05-Mar-13 Oval and Speed Skating Canada Partner to Develop Regional Training Centre - Richmond Olympic Oval Corporation Notice
28-Feb-13 The Aliens Have Landed at the Richmond Nature Park
28-Feb-13 Richmond Youth Dance Company Confronts Technology
27-Feb-13 Rigoletto to Open Spring Series of Minoru Chapel Opera
26-Feb-13 Fred Wah Talks About Racial Hybridity in Poetry at Richmond Library - Richmond Public Library Notice
26-Feb-13 Richmond Unveils New 2013 Street Banners
26-Feb-13 Survey Results Highlight Health and Wellness of Richmond Residents - Vancouver Coastal Health Notice
25-Feb-13 Have a “Hoot" at Richmond Nature Park’s Owl Show
25-Feb-13 Richmond Sport Heroes Announced - ViaSport British Columbia Notice
22-Feb-13 Help Richmond Support “Bullying Stops Here – Pink Shirt Day”
21-Feb-13 Get Ready Richmond - Personal Preparedness Workshops
20-Feb-13 Minoru Chapel Opera Springs Forth for Season Six
20-Feb-13 Minoru Chapel Opera - Burnaby Lyric Opera Presents Highlights from Verdi’s Rigoletto
20-Feb-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, February 27, 2013
21-Feb-13 Richmond’s Social Development Strategy Sets Framework for the Next 10 Years
20-Feb-13 Have a Hoot at Richmond Nature Park-Owl Show Sunday, March 3
19-Feb-13 March Environmental Sustainability Workshops - Register for Free Classes
19-Feb-13 Free Talk with Dr. Barry Magrill on Canada's Architectures of Faith
16-Feb-13 Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole: Carving Connections with Jaalen Edenshaw - Richmond Public Library Notice
15-Feb-13 Imperial Landing/Boardwalk Improvements Spring 2013
15-Feb-13 Lanterns, Music and Fire. Oh My!
13-Feb-13 City of Richmond Reaches Agreement with Outside Workers
13-Feb-13 BC Lions Kicker Paul McCallum Honoured with Community Champion Award - Richmond Olympic Oval Corporation Notice
12-Feb-13 Hop on the Heritage Bus for a Tour of Richmond’s Temples of Faith
08-Feb-13 Richmond Library Celebrates Chinese New Year - Richmond Public Library Notice
08-Feb-13 City Hall Closed for BC's Family Day, February 11
07-Feb-13 5 Year Financial Plan (2013-2017) Public Consultation, Bylaw 8990
07-Feb-13 Celebrate the Year of the Snake in Richmond
07-Feb-13 Peace Begins with Me - Ted Kuntz at Richmond Public Library - Richmond Public Library Notice
06-Feb-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, February 13, 2013
06-Feb-13 Call for Nominations to the Fifth Annual Richmond Arts Awards
05-Feb-13 Lulu Series: Art in the City - Free Guest Speaker Event Thursday, February 21
05-Feb-13 Celebrate Chinese New Year in Richmond - 2013 Year of the Snake
05-Feb-13 City Appointments 2013
05-Feb-13 Doors Open Richmond 2013 Now Accepting Participant Applications
05-Feb-13 Lion Dancers Add Twist to Richmond Celebrates Hockey Day
04-Feb-13 Celebrate Family Day at Select Richmond Community Facilities
31-Jan-13 Bestselling Author to Entertain Kids at Children's Arts Festival
30-Jan-13 Richmond Fire-Rescue Gives Tips in Recognition of Burn Awareness Week
30-Jan-13 Richmond to Host International Fencing Event in 2013 - Richmond Olympic Oval Corporation Notice
25-Jan-13 Richmond Businesses Get Help to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
25-Jan-13 Canucks Fan Favourites Coming to Hockey Day Celebrations in Richmond
23-Jan-13 February Environmental Sustainability Workshop - Register for Free Workshops
23-Jan-13 Neighbourhood Open House: McKessock/Bridgeport/Shell
23-Jan-13 Richmond’s New Green Cart Coming June 2013
23-Jan-13 Call for Nominations: Richmond Arts Awards
23-Jan-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting - Wednesday, January 30
22-Jan-13 Return of Winter Showcase Highlights the Best of Richmond’s Local Arts and Crafts
21-Jan-13 Richmond Olympic Experience Moves Forward
17-Jan-13 The Lulu Series Open with Dynamic Designing Duo
15-Jan-13 Children’s Arts Festival Paints Perfect Scenario for BC's First Family Day
14-Jan-13 The Lulu Series: Art in the City 2013 Presents Engaging Line-Up
14-Jan-13 Authors in Our Midst - Richmond Public Library Notice
11-Jan-13 Sport BC to Recognize Sport Heroes in Richmond - ViaSport British Columbia Notice
09-Jan-13 City Council Meeting Schedule
09-Jan-13 Lulu Series: Art in the City
09-Jan-13 2013 Property Assessments
09-Jan-13 Development Permit Panel Meeting
05-Jan-13 Alaska Earthquake Does Not Trigger Tsunami Warning for Richmond
04-Jan-13 Blood – It’s in You to Give©
03-Jan-13 Hockey Legends to Celebrate Canada's Game in Richmond - Richmond Olympic Oval Corporation Notice
02-Jan-13 Proper Disposal of Christmas Trees and Unwanted Styrofoam in Richmond