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Richmond protected from rising river levels

02 June 2017

The Province of BC’s River Forecast Centre has issued a High Stream Flow Advisory from the Fraser Canyon to the mouth of the river. However, there are no immediate concerns for flooding in Richmond.

The river flows are projected to peak over the weekend. Projections indicate the highest river levels will be 1.7 metres below the level of the City’s dikes. Richmond’s diking system is built to withstand a one in 500 year flood, which is well above the currently predicted levels.

Richmond’s diking system meets or exceeds the Provincial standard and is inspected regularly as part of the City’s Flood Management Program. The diking system is also being continually improved. The City’s capital plan includes $11.6 million annually for upgrading and improvement of Drainage and Diking Utility assets. This ensures Richmond will be well protected from both seasonal weather-related events and rising sea levels as a result of climate change, both for today and in the future.

However, during the current high stream flow period the public should exercise caution when on or near the water as the strong currents can be dangerous. Boaters should also expect an increase of floating debris in the water during this period.

For more information on flood risks and prevention measures in Richmond, please visit: