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City of Richmond

Navigating the Website for Mobile Devices

Viewing the Mobile Site
Welcome to the City of Richmond website. We have made every effort to organize the site to allow you to easily navigate both the interactive services and reference information available.

You will require a current browser application and an up-to-date PDF reader for optimal viewing of this site.

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This site can be viewed on most mobile screens, but it is best viewed at a width of at least 330 pixels.

The Home page introduces you to the main content categories, as well as several tools designed to help you find information, all of which are described in this help page below.

We hope you enjoy exploring Richmond's web site. If you have any questions or problems, please use the Customer Feedback form to comment, or call our Information Desk for assistance.

In addition to identifying and introducing the host, the City of Richmond's Home Page serves the following functional purposes:

  • to introduce the main site menu with content category links that take you to the different sections of this site. (See image below.)
  • to meet the demand for quick links or shortcuts to important and frequently visited topics and tools for conducting business with the City online, and mobile apps.
  • to communicate current information that is topical or of high importance and provide links to our Calendar of Events, News Releases, and information on Featured Topics.

Main Content Menu
The Main Site Menu opens to the right when you click the Menu icon at the top right of every page on the site. This menu allows you to move to the main sections of the site. It will close automatically if you click on one of the topics. If you wish to read further on the page you are on, you can close this menu by clicking the Menu X on the left corner of this fly-out. See image below.

Utilities Menu
The Home Page has a utilities menu bar above the main navigation at the top of the page (see image below). The utilities menu, along with the main navigation and footer, will appear on every page on our mobile site.

Returning to the Home Page
You can return to the home page from any content page by clicking the Home link in the utilities menu at the top of the page. Note that the background photo may have  changed if you return to Home during your visit.

The footer menu provides useful links to popular topics and useful tools and information as well as links to our social media sites.

Navigating the Site
Opening the Hidden Main Menu, Drop Lists, and Sub-menus
The image below displays the Utilities Menu at the top and the icon link to open the Main Site Menu shown below it, on the top right, with dark orange lines under it. Below this as you scroll down you will find a search field, and two drop lists to popular pages and online services. Click the arrows to open the lists. In the E-Services and How Do I drop lists there are Quick Links to some of most popular topics or services.

Image of Mobile Home Page the Main Nav Links

Closing the Main Menu Fly-Out
Note the Menu X on the top left of the image below is for closing this menu.

Main Menu Topics
Also note the topics with  bright coloured icons are about the Community and Community Recreation and Cultural Services. The topics with soft grey icons are about City business and City services.

Image of the Mobile Menu Fly-Out

Footer Links
Some key footer links for social media and subscriptions appear on both the Menu as shown above and the page footers shown below.

As you scroll down the content area in Content Pages and the Home Page  there is a more complete list of footer links for social media and subscriptions and links for popular and useful topics.

Note the City's address and hours of operation are also noted in the footer for every page on the main site.

Also, on Content Pages additional drop downs with helpful Quick Links will appear above the footer for every content page. Click the down arrows to open the drop list to explore these links.

Image of the Mobile Site Footer Links

Other Home Page Content and Links
The home page also contains:
News Highlights and a link to the News & Events Section with more new releases and notices.
Events coming up and a link to the Calendar of Events and Add an Event features.
Featured Topics with information on current City projects and activities of note.

Content Pages & Sub-menus
Main Navigation Bar
Like on  the Home Page on content pages the main menu can be opened with the Menu Icon. Note that the first background photo will change if you return to Home during your visit.

When you click on the "Menu" link, the list of main categories will fly-out to the right and to close it you click the Menu X icon which will now be on the left corner.

 Image of Search Field and Menu Link

When you click on a main category link in the main menu you will open a new content page that displays the main menu and the introduction to that section of the web site. The Overview page will also display a link to the site map for that section.

Content Section Quick Links
Immediately below the content you will see three drop lists with links to Popular Topics in this section, Related Topics in this site, and Related Links to other sites.

Scroll down below the page content and past the Content Section Quick Links to locate the sub-navigation menu for the section you are viewing.

Sub-Navigation Menus
With the exception of the Home page, each page displays a sub-navigation menu immediately below Quick Links section of the page:

Tap one of the subjects in the menu, and you will see any additional menu levels. Click to display the item you want to view. Tip: As these menus are sensitive on mobile devices you may find it easiest to click the first category to open a site map for that sub-section.  See the 3rd and 4th image below.

Menus below the first three levels:
In some cases more topics available for an area than fit on the fly out menus, in this situation an in-page menu is displayed. For example, in Public Safety, if you used the accordion-out menu to select Fire Safety (under Fire-Rescue, Safety & Prevention) several topics are available as shown following.

Alternatively, you may click on a sub-menu item:

You will be taken to a category map for that item:

Image of Mobile SubMenu Site Map

Navigation Links
Immediately after the content section of each information page a variety of navigation links display relevant to the section you are viewing. Simply click on the Useful Links tab to expand the section. These links may take you to a popular topic within that section, a related topic in another section, or a link to another site (external sites will open in a new window):

The navigation trail (just below the Search Bar) shows specifically where you have navigated to. Items listed on the navigation trail are links. On the navigation trail, clicking the link for the main page (in the section you are viewing) displays the site map (link to Site Map help).

To display the overview for the section, click Overview on the Navigation Menu after the Useful Links portion of the page.

As you read descriptive text, you'll also notice individual words within the text (as well as in page menus) that appear as hyperlinks. Click any of these contextual links to display information on that item.

If you click a contextual link, you can click your browser's back button to return to the previous page.

Keyword Search
You can perform a keyword search from any page (including the Home Page). Simply click to position the cursor in the box at the top right corner of the page, then type your keyword(s) and click Go (or press Enter).

Image of Search Field and Menu Link

A results list is displayed. Click the link for the item you want to view, or click the browser's back button to return to the previous page.

Site Map
The Site Map provides a comprehensive list of all items available in the content category you are viewing (or the entire site).
To view the site map for an individual category, display the category's Overview topic, then click Site Map in the gray tip bar (towards the bottom the page).

To find the site maps for the entire site, click the Sitemap link in the footer at the very bottom of any page.


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