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Information for Event Planners

Planning a Sustainable Event

There are many ways to reduce the environmental impact of your event. It is important to plan ahead and to communicate your goals with everyone that is involved in your event, including vendors, sponsors and exhibitors.

Richmond Sustainable Event Toolkit 
The City of Richmond is committed to being a municipal leader in sustainable practices. To support event organizers in planning sustainable events, the City of Richmond has developed a 7 Step Quick Guide and a Sustainable Event Toolkit.

Using the available resources will benefit your event through the planning cycle, as well as improve the environmental, social and economic impacts you event has on our surrounding community. For more information on this initiative, please visit

Report on Your Sustainable Event

Once your event is finished, complete the five minute survey, found here, identifying the sustainable features you incorporated into your event. The more feedback we receive from the organizers the further we can increase our ability to help hosts plan sustainable events in the future.

Sustainable Event Survey and Reward Program
Completing the City of Richmond's Sustainable Event Survey will allow the City of Richmond to identify the sustainable features of your event. After reviewing your commitment to sustainable practices, our staff may recognize your event as a Sustainable Event Champion! 


The 7 Step Quick Guide along with the Toolkit are an initiative of the City of Richmond and the Richmond Olympic Oval in Partnership with the International Academy of Sport Science Technology/Academie Internationale des Sciences et Techniques du Sport (AISTS) in Lausanne, Switzerland.