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Information for Event Planners

Managing Volunteers

Depending on the size and scope, volunteers can play a major role in an event's success.

Selecting and developing a successful team depends on many steps that must be thoroughly planned and executed. These steps include planning, recruiting, interviewing and screening volunteers. Once the volunteers have been selected, a focus should be placed on their orientation and training, as well as the motivation, communication and staff/volunteer relations.

Below are suggested steps you may wish to follow when developing a team of volunteers:

  1. Discuss and assign ONE committee member as the Volunteer Coordinator and other committee members as supervisors for volunteers in each area of the event.
  2. Discuss and determine volunteer needs for all sections of the event. For example, which areas need help and how many volunteers are needed?
  3. Group and categorize volunteer needs by assigning job titles and their associated duties/responsibilities to meet the needs.
  4. Determine a budget for volunteers (i.e. feeding volunteers, t-shirts, accreditation, recognition gifts, etc.). Consider seeking sponsorship to cover these costs.
  5. Review the event date and time and set up a schedule for each volunteer job.
  6. Develop volunteer orientation and training.
  7. Develop a recruitment message that includes the event date, brief volunteer duties, orientation dates, Volunteer Coordinator’s contact details (name, email, phone number and event website, if possible) and incentives.
  8. Recruit through advertising in local newspapers, community and sporting groups, etc.
  9. Develop a Volunteer Application Form.
  10. Screen, interview and select successful candidates.
  11. Confirm positions for each volunteer placement.
  12. Carry out orientations and training for each volunteer job.
  13. If necessary, develop and assign volunteer badges/accreditation.
  14. Reward and recognize the volunteers during and/or after the event.
If you wish to seek assistance with recruitment of volunteers, please contact Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives through the website:

The Events/Rentals Office can provide information on recruiting the City of Richmond’s special events volunteers.

Events/Rentals Office 
Phone: 604-233-3304 
Fax: 604-247-4464