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Sport & Event Hosting Services

Event Applications and Approvals

The City of Richmond wants to make it easier for you to plan and host your event. Bringing the community together to celebrate, observe, honour or simply have fun contributes to our vision “to be the most appealing, livable and well-managed community in Canada."

The Application Process
The Event Approvals Application system allows REACT (The Richmond Event Approval Coordination Team) to review your application. REACT reviews event applications that require multi-departmental and multi-jurisdictional approvals.

The purpose of the team is to review event applications, initiate event approvals by various departments and agencies, ensure coordination of City services and provide a one-stop approval process for event organizers. This web application enables you to submit your application forms and the participants to coordinate the review and approvals process all online.

For assistance, you will want to refer to the Application Process section in the PDF Document Event Application Guide. The event application allows you to complete a form and save your work as you proceed through the steps and determine what approvals and permits you require. You can also monitor approval status of your application.

Please note we do not accept applications prior to one year before the start date of the event.

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Venue Availability
Event Applications PhotoIf you intend to use a City-owned venue, before beginning the event application process, be sure to check with the City's Events/Rentals Office to ensure that the location you want to use is available and suitable for your event.

Events/Rentals Office
Phone: 604-233-3304
Fax: 604-247-4464

The event application consists of four sections:

  • General Application Information
  • General Event Information
  • Event Details
  • Event Requirements

The Event Details section will require information related to the optional elements of your event, including tents, food, use of roads, etc. 

The Event Requirements section is required for all events and includes the following:

  • Site Plan
  • Parking Plan
  • Washroom Requirements
  • First Aid Plan and Safety Plan
  • Recycling and Waste Management Plan
  • Insurance

There are also optional elements to events. You may be requested to provide additional information on any optional elements you chose to incorporate. Permits and applications may be required as part of your event application submission for these optional elements.

This system allows you to begin the application process, save your work, exit the system and return later to continue inputting information at any time. Before submitting your application, please review the following:

PDF Document Outdoor Event Terms and Conditions
PDF Document Application Criteria, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy