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General Information

Richmond Election Mobile App

The City of Richmond introduces the free Richmond Election mobile app, available on iPhone and Android smart phones.

The app provides an easy and accessible resource for voters on-the-go to find out more about the upcoming election including:

  • Who can vote? – Find out if you are eligible to vote. 
  • Am I on the Voters List? – Search the database to see if you are already on the Voters List.
  • Where do I vote? - Locate your designated voting place and advance voting locations.
  • Voting Day information – Learn which identification documents you need to bring and where to vote.
  • Important dates and events – Mark your calendar with important dates and deadlines. 
  • Candidate profiles – Find out who is running for Mayor, Councillor and School Trustee.
  • First time voters - Find out what you need to do if you are voting for the first time.
  • Accessible options - See what options are available for people with disabilities.
  • Mail balloting information - Find out if you are eligible to mail in your ballot.
  • Voting FAQ – See answers to your frequently asked questions.
  • News feeds – Keep up to date with the news about the election.
  • Election results – View official results as posted on election night, November 15, 2014.
  • Contact the Election Office– Get information on how you can contact the Election Office.

Download the Richmond Election app today:

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Note: The app is not available on Windows or Blackberry phones.