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Information for Candidates

Potential Candidates

The Province of BC, and the BC School Trustees Association have put together valuable information to prepare candidates for running for office.

Council Candidates
Learn about the role you will play and the impact you will have on your community as an elected official. 

Potential candidate videos
Have a look at helpful videos for potential candidates put together by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing:

Link to YouTube Characteristics of Effective Locally Elected Officials
Characteristics of Effective Locally Elected Officials

Link to YouTube What is Local Government?
What is Local Govt YouTube

Link to YouTube Testing Your Readiness for Local Office
Testing Your Readiness for Local Office - YouTube

Link to YouTube Local Government Decision Making
Local Government Decision Making - YouTube

Link to YouTube Roles and Responsibilities of a Locally Elected Official
Roles and Responsibilities of a Locally Elected Official

To view all the videos and for more information on “Thinking of Running for Local Office?” visit the Province of BC’s webpage.

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School Trustee Candidates
The BC School Trustees Association prepared a document where you can find out more about what a school trustee does, if you are up to the job, and some information to keep in mind.

Elector Organizations
An elector organization is an organization that endorses or intends to endorse a candidate, or candidates, in general local elections and that files endorsement documents with the local Chief Election Officer. Elector organizations may be referred to as "civic political parties."​ 
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