COVID-19: Restoring Richmond Plan
The City is restoring services and amenties in carefully planned steps.
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Tourist Guide

Useful Information

Who to Call in an Emergency
It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers when travelling away from home. See Who to Call in an Emergency for contacts in Richmond.

Drinking Law
Legal drinking age in B.C. is 19. Proper photo identification is required.

Tipping for Services

As service charges are not usually added to a bill, a general tip of 12-15% is suggested to servers, hairdressers, taxi drivers, etc. For bellhops and doormen at hotels and airports, $1 - 1.50 per bag is customary.

Credit Cards and Travellers Cheques

Richmond businesses accept Canadian currency and most major credit cards. Many businesses accept U.S. currency; some may require photo identification before cashing traveller's cheques.

Services for People with Disabilities

Special parking spaces are provided throughout Richmond. Temporary handicapped parking permits are available at City Hall. Services are also available for persons who are hearing or speech impaired. The City of Richmond also offers Special Needs Assistance to enable people with disabilities to enjoy and participate in a variety of activities. Call 604-276-4107 for further information.

RV Sani Dumps
Richmond does not have an RV camp, and there is currently no sani dump service for RV's. Please refer to the following list of BC sani dump locations for the nearest sani dump station: