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Assisted Housing Facilities


The information provided here identifies the following types of assisted housing:

  • Those that have been funded through programs developed and managed by the Federal and Provincial governments, in partnership with non-profit agencies and housing co-ops.
  • Facilities provided under the Long Term Care Program for those who require intermediate or extended levels of care.

The purpose of assisted housing is to provide accommodation to eligible senior citizens, families and individuals. To qualify for government assisted housing, applicants are assessed on the basis of need.

In Richmond, assisted housing includes:

  • a variety of self-contained, rental units in apartments and townhouses
  • Co-operative units
  • Self-contained accessible units for disabled persons.

Most assisted housing can be applied for through BC Housing (604-433-2218) or directly through the contact numbers listed next to some of the listings. Many of the housing co-ops ask that a stamped, self-addressed envelope be sent to them in order to receive an application.

Accessible Units
Units for disabled persons, including those using wheelchairs are provided in many assisted housing projects.

These units may contain some or all of the following features:

  • No internal/external stairs or slopes steeper than a 12% gradient
  • Doorways which are at least 32 inches wide
  • Reinforced walls in bathrooms for the purpose of mounting grab bars
  • Lower cupboards,
  • Lever handled doors,
  • Open space under sinks
  • Wheelchair turning space

Independent and Assisted Housing in Richmond
The following directory can be downloaded in PDF format.

  Directory of Independent and Assisted Housing in Richmond

For more information or changes to this directory contact Social Planning.

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