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Richmond Pioneer Tea

Richmond Pioneer Tea

People Live Longer in Richmond
For several years running, world health organizations have identified Richmond as a community where people live longer. According to a recent report by Statistics Canada people in Richmond, B.C. still have the greatest life expectancy in Canada. People in Richmond are living an average of 85.7 years, more than four years longer than the national average of 81.1. In other reports Richmond's life expectancy has also been shown to exceed that of countries that have reported the highest maximum life expectancy in the world.

Long life in Richmond is attributed to our moderate climate, a prosperous service sector economy, active lifestyles, and healthy diet. In addition, Richmond residents are said to have the lowest smoking and obesity rates in the country. Some speculate that Asian influences on our diet have had a beneficial effect.

Health Services in Richmond
In Canada, Health Services fall under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Governments. Richmond Health Services fall under the jurisdiction of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, a body appointed by the Province of British Columbia.

Richmond Health Services comprises several community health services, as well as Richmond Hospital.

If you are looking for a Doctor, see the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.

Online Health Service
Health Link BC
The Province of BC has launched a website where a wide variety of health information can be obtained to help citizens look after their own health see HealthLinkBC for health advice you can trust 24/7.

Wellness Programs in Richmond
Child, Asian Girl GymnasticsAn active population and a bounty of recreational opportunities are contributing factors for good health and longevity in our community.

Activities for people of all ages and specialized wellness programs offered through our community facilities are key components in our community wellness initiatives.

The City works in consultation with Richmond Health Services staff to plan programs to improve and protect the health of our citizens.

For more information see the Parks, Trails & Cycling and the  Recreation & Community Centres and the Culture & Heritage sections of this website.

The City also works in partnership with the Richmond Health Services to implement and enforce regulatory services to protect our environmental health. For information on some of these services, see the Environmental Health section under Public Safety on this website.