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Sister Cities

About Sister Cities

The City of Richmond has established important ties and relationships with three Cities as part of the Sister City Program.

In addition, the City has signed a Friendship City Agreement with the following city:

Richmond's Sister City Program

Sister Cities - Wakayama Childrens Choir 3
Wakayama Children’s Choir – May 2013

Sister Cities In Celebration of our performing youth
Qingdao Xiaobaifan Art Training
School Performance – October 2013
The Sister City Program fosters mutual understanding and meaningful connections with other cities and cultures in the interests of our citizens for their common benefit, to:

  • develop a broad base of activity for Sister City relationships in which many people and organizations in the community participate through planned and on-going contact; and
  • engage the Richmond community and its Sister Cities in projects and exchanges that promote cultural awareness and joint learning opportunities.

Promoting Cultural Awareness
Sister City relationships can promote understanding and appreciation through projects that build cross-cultural awareness. 

Promoting Joint Learning Opportunities
Sister City relationships can create partnerships through which communities can creatively learn, work and solve problems together through reciprocal educational, municipal, business, professional and technical exchanges and projects. 

Sister City Advisory Committee

Sister Cities - Salmon Festival Parade
Salmon Festival Parade – July 2013
The Sister City Program is coordinated by the Sister City Advisory Committee. The Committee has fifteen members, which includes: thirteen citizens appointed by Council; one representative of City Council; and one representative of the School District appointed by the School Board.

Vacancies on the Sister Committee are advertised. Applications are reviewed by City staff and a list of applicants is presented to Council for its consideration. Council appoints the successful applicants to the Committee.

Please see our PDF Document Sister City Committee - Terms of Reference for details.

Annual Activity Reports
Annual activity reports provide a summary of the Sister City activities.

PDF Document 2015 Sister City Activity Report
PDF Document 2014 Sister City Activity Report
PDF Document 2013 Sister City Activity Report
PDF Document 2012 Sister City Activity Report
PDF Document 2011 Sister City Activity Report