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Richmond Olympic Oval

Where to Find Us

The Richmond Olympic Oval is located at 6111 River Road in the City of Richmond, immediately south of the City of Vancouver.

The Oval is just minutes from Vancouver International Airport, which is also located in the City of Richmond.

During major events at the venue spectators will be encouraged to take public transit or walk. The Canada Line links Richmond City Centre, Vancouver International Airport and Vancouver City Centre. Travel time from a downtown station to Aberdeen Station in Richmond is about 25 minutes. The Oval is approximately a one-kilometre walk from the Aberdeen Station.

Directions & Parking
The Richmond Olympic Oval has approximately 450 parking spots available on the first level of the building.  Traveling south from Vancouver, Richmond can be accessed via Granville Street and the Arthur Laing Bridge, Oak Street or Knight Street. From the south and east, Richmond is directly accessible by Highway 99 and Highway 91. Travel time on Highway 99 from the US-Canada border to Richmond is approximately 20 minutes.

Upon entering Richmond, proceed to Westminster Highway and follow it to Gilbert Road. Proceed one block north on Gilbert Road to Elmbridge Way. Proceed one block west on Elmbridge Way to Hollybridge Way. Follow Hollybridge Way north to its first intersection with River Road. The Oval is located at the northwest corner of the Hollybridge Way and River Road intersection, with the entrance off River Road.