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Steveston Interurban Tram


We’re Restoring the #1220 Interurban Tram Car!
Restoration is long and complex. Our goal is to protect original materials and return the car to its appearance from 1912 to 1958.
Tram Construction 1912
1200 Class Cars built by the St Louis Car Company circa. 1912.
Credit: St Louis Archives circa, 1912

What's Happening 
Spring/Summer 2017

• The roof will be repaired and a new canvas cover will be installed on top to ensure that the Car is water tight.
Tram restoratoin- carpenters on roof
A City of Richmond carpentry team repairs the roof.

• The original bench seats from 1912 that will be re-upholstered and reinstalled.
• Missing brass components, including the vent covers will be re-produced. 
• The exterior and interior of the Car will be painted to the original colour.
tram restoration- carpenters and contractors
Our conservation and carpentry team, using only photographs try to determine how the roof line should look.

• Our volunteers continue to work hard, cleaning Car parts and removing components in preparation for painting.  
restoratoin volunteer- cleaningTram restoration- removing seats
A volunteer carefully removes paint from electrical ceramic parts while another volunteer removes seat frames so they can be painted.

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Accessibility to the Tram Car may be limited due to safety precautions. We still welcome you to view the restoration and participate in activities related to Richmond’s transportation history.