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Minoru Chapel

The Windows

When the Municipality acquired Minoru Chapel, it contained four stained glass windows which still grace the front of the chapel today. The windows behind the communion table were donated by the Richmond United Church Sunday School and Congregation in memory of David W. Jackson (1877 - 1945). Also at the front of the Chapel are two windows of geometric design which were donated by the Ketcheson family in memory of Royal Phillip Ketcheson (1868 - 1957). The remainder of the chapel windows were covered with coloured fibreglass panels when the chapel was moved. In 1984-85, these windows were replaced by the beautiful pictorial windows which were commissioned and donated by several pioneer Richmond families. 

Nativity Scene Nativity Scene <<
The nativity scene at the Inn in Bethlehem, is represented in this window. The Star of Hope proclaims the expected birth of the Messiah.

Donated by Dorothy Dick and Gwen Anderson in loving memory of their parents Howard Barker (1874 - 1955) and Alice Barker (1885 - 1966). The Barkers were Richmond pioneers.

The Cornucopia >>
The cornucopia, representing the fertility and prosperity of the delta, was chosen for Richmond's municipal seal in 1880. It symbolizes the importance of agriculture to the community. The window depicts the Municipal Hall, and above it dove which is symbolic of the restoration of land from water.

Donated by Gwen Anderson and family in memory of W. Henry Anderson (1911 - 1980), who was baptized and married in the chapel. He served his community as Councillor, Reeve, and Mayor for 17 years, and was principally responsible for moving and restoring the Chapel.

The Cornucopia
Thanksgiving <<
This window symbolizes the spirit of Thanksgiving. The distant church bells call husband and wife to give thanks at eventide for the produce of the land.

Donated by Leona Paxton in loving memory of her parents, Charles E. Paxton (1904 - 1984) and Mary L. (Thompson) Paxton (1905 - 1981). Mary was a native daughter of Richmond, her parents, Mr. And Mrs. James Thompson, having settled here in 1888. The window pays tribute to Mr. and Mrs. Paxton's service and devotion to family and community.

Service, Healing, and Love >>

This window contains symbols of the Order of the Eastern Star and the Masonic order. The cross upheld in the eternal flame is a symbol of trust in God, while the torch is a symbol of healing and love. The roses of love are encased in the rings of the Trinity. Donated by the Hanson family and friends in memory of Carl Eric Hanson (1923 - 1984). The wings of the Eagle depict Mr. Hanson's service in the Royal Canadian Air Force. The window stands in honour of his service to community and country.

Christ the Shepherd <<

In the centre of the window is Christ, the Good Shepherd. The cross and crown symbolize Christ as the King of Kings. The anchor is a symbol of steadfast faith. The window is a memorial to Ruth Hamilton (1943 - 1981) and Albert Edward (Smitty) Smethurst (1915 - 1982) They, along with the donors, United Commercial Travellers, dedicated themselves to helping the mentally and physically handicapped in the community. This was the first of the new windows to be completed, and it helped to spark further interest in the Chapel beautification project.


The Resurrection Service to Others >>
This window represents the importance of the church and of Christian living to Fred and Lilla Harwood, who dedicated their lives to service and social concern for others. The notes of music are from a favourite hymn, "Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah". The red cross and poppy symbolize their service to worldwide concerns of mankind, and the figures on the pathway depict their loving walk together through fifty-one years of marriage. The Harwoods were active members of this church for over forty years. Donated by their family in loving memory of Fred Harwood (1891 - 1979) and Lilla M. Harwood (1889 - 1970).

The Resurrection <<
The theme of this window is the Easter message, with the empty tomb, the resurrection, and the hope of eternal life. Donated by the Richmond/Sea Island United Church Congregation in loving memory of the pioneers who founded this church in 1888.
Service to Others

The South Diamond Window >>

This window was designed to complement the earlier geometric design of the Ketcheson windows. It was donated by Margaret Esson, Chapel custodian from 1975 to 1984, who oversaw hundreds of weddings in this lovely Chapel.

St. Andrews Cross <<

This window depicts the cross of the Patron Saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew, as a tribute to the Scottish forefathers of the donors, Bob and Margaret Esson and family. This brochure was made possible through a donation from Bob, as a memorial to his wife Margaret (1932-1985).


Marriage Window Minoru Park Window >>
This window depicts Minoru Chapel in the beautiful setting of the gardens and lake.

Donated by Bill and Isobel Crane and family. Bill Crane worked as the Parks Superintendent in Richmond from 1960 - 1985. He was actively involved in the design and construction of the gardens, as well as the move and restoration of the Chapel.

Marriage Window <<

This window represents the hope and joy of married life. It shows wedding rings on the ribbon of life, clasped hands at the alter, the Bible, and the dream home in the distance.

Donated by Clive and Joan Richards and Jim and Lois Proudfoot.

Minoru Park Window
Richmond History Window >>
This window pays tribute to the pioneer families of Richmond. It recognizes the importance to the community of farming, fishing, and transportation. The May families placed it here in honour of their forefathers, pioneer farmers in Richmond, who worked the land with the horse and plough, the steam tractor, and the modern machinery of today, as depicted in the window.

Stained Glass Rose WindowsStained Glass Rose Windows <<

The Rose Windows are to be especially appreciated in the evening when they are lighted from within the steeple.

The north Rose Window in the steeple was donated by Peggy Minns and family, in loving memory of Harry (Silver) Minns (1915 - 1984). Harry gave freely of his time and talent to amateur sports in Richmond for over fifty years. The ice rink in Minoru Park is named in his honour.

The east Rose Window in the steeple was donated by the Grauer family in memory of Rudy Grauer (1890 - 1972) and Lulu Grauer (1881 - 1878). The Grauers were founders of the general store on Sea Esland in 1914. Rudy Grauer served as School Trustee and then as Reeve for nineteen years. He organized the Richmond Air Raid Protection unit which later became the Richmond Volunteer Fire Brigade.

The Annunciation >>
This window speaks of the Annunciation. Mary is told that she is to give birth to Jesus. The figure "6" within the triangle represents the Holy Spirit and the creation.

Donated by the Richmond Firefighters Association, local 1286, in memory of Richmond Firefighters now departed. It also recognizes Reverend Jock Murdock who has been Chaplain to the Richmond Firefighters for many years. Reverend Murdoch has donated his time and talent to the initial designed of most of the new windows now beautifying Minoru Chapel.

Lest We Forget <<

The poppy, the cross, and the maple leaves in the two lunette transom windows remind us of the sacrifice of those who served their country so that we may live in peace.

Donated by the Royal Canadian Legion, Richmond Branch 5.


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Special Thanks

Reverend Jock Murdoch, who gave freely of his time and talent in the artistic design of most of these windows.

Skip Wiggins, stained Glass Overlay, for his patience and understanding when changes in designs were required.

Peter Lee, of P.C. Lee Photographers, for these pictures and the framed set to be found in the Chapel. All photographs copyright 1985 by P.C. Lee Photo Ltd.

Russell Jewellers, for the donation of window plaques.