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Museums & Heritage Sites

About Heritage Sites

Heritage includes anything of a physical, cultural or social nature that is unique to, and valued by, a community that can be passed from generation to generation. In Richmond, we value our heritage and take pride in its preservation and presentation.

Heritage Update 2016
The Heritage Update 2016 showcases Richmond's varied and vital investment in museums and heritage. They play an essential role in building and sustaining a diverse urban community that is socially and economically healthy. Read the
PDF Document Heritage Update 2016 or watch the Heritage Update 2016 highlight video below.

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Public Heritage Facilities
The Richmond Museum is publicly owned by the City. It provides a wide range of collections, temporary and travelling exhibits, programs and special events that showcase our shared history. The other heritage facilities listed in this section are also publicly owned. All but one of these facilities is owned by the City of Richmond, and jointly operated by the City and their volunteer support groups. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is owned by Parks Canada and operated by the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society.

London FarmThese facilities are open to the public and many of them offer public programs and services. See Program Registration to register for program listings. You may also view the Parks, Recreation and Culture Guide.

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Minoru ChapelOther Heritage Resources
There are numerous heritage resources in Richmond, many of which are privately owned. For more information, please see the Heritage Inventory Online and see the Heritage Planning section to learn about the City's heritage preservation programs and the role of the Heritage Commission.

Heritage Research
Archival records are evidence of the past that have value and impact for everyone. Careful preservation of these archival records is a necessary step in protecting our heritage. The City of Richmond Archives holds the records of the municipal government and it also acquires records by donation from individuals and private companies. Public access is available for research purposes. Please visit the Archives for further information.