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Public Art Program

Private Development Public Art Program

Private developments within the City of Richmond are asked to participate in the Public Art Program. As the value and benefits of public art become apparent, participation in the program has increased.

The public art contribution rate for private sector public art projects is ½% of the estimated project construction cost.

Private development public art projects are reviewed by an independent arms-length panel of advisors.

  High Forest  ebb and flow image 
High Forest, Charolette Wall
Sponsored by Wall Financial Corp.
ebb & flow, Nancy Chew and Jacqueline Metz,
Sponsored by Canada Sunrise Development Corp.
A Public Art Plan PDF Document Guide and Checklist is available to assist Private Developers in the preparation and submission of the Public Art Plan.

For complete details on the Private Development Public Art Program see Section 6 of the PDF Document Public Art Program (Policy 8703) and Section 8 of the Public Art Program
PDF Document Administrative Procedures Manual.