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Public Art Program

Public Art Donation Program

Donations and gifts of artwork are essential to a growing and vital public art collection. They are an avenue for individuals, organizations and companies to express their interest and support to the cultural life of the city through public art.

A donation to Richmond Public Art Program has its own specific procedures and guidelines. All donations to the City are reviewed by an independent arms-length panel of advisors to ensure artist merit, suitability, quality and resources for ongoing maintenance of the artwork.

Steveston's Legacy, Norm Williams  Minoru Horse, Sergei Traschenko

   Steveston's Legacy, Norm Williams
Sponsored by Steveston High School Alumni

Minoru Horse, Sergei Traschenko
Sponsored by Milan and Maureen 
Ilich Foundation

For complete details on the Donation Development Public Art Program see Section 5.4 of the Public Art Program (Policy 8703)  and Section 7 of the Public Art Program PDF Document Administrative Procedures Manual.