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Public Art Program

Community Public Art Program

As Richmond’s communities grow, so does their desire for self-identity and a lasting legacy. Many communities have already engaged with the program and many have noted the rewarding process of creating art. The lives of the participants are enriched just as much as the resulting artwork enriches the community and the city.

Green Symphony Gateway

Green Symphony, Jeanette Lee
Sponsored by Public Art Reserve

Gateway, Tyler Hodgins
Sponsored by Public Art Reserve

If your community group is interested in starting a public art project, apply to the program by answering our Call to Communities. Artists interested in participating in this program need to submit an application to the Artist Roster. These calls are issued every year and can be found on our Call to Artists page.

For complete details on the Community Public Art Program see Section 7 of the Public Art Program (Policy 8703) and Section 9 of the Public Art Program Administrative Procedures Manual.