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Policy & Plans

Public Art Program Policy

Public Art contributes to the character of a city and enhances the visual environment. It creates dialogue and engages communities in which it is found.

The Richmond Public Art Program promotes, supports and facilitates the creation of public art within the City. The aim of the Public Art Program is to create a public art collection of the highest quality through a fair and open selection process advised by independent arms-length panels of art and design professionals and community input.

The Richmond Public Art Program is contained of three documents.

The Richmond Public Art Policy was endorsed by City Council on June 23, 1997 and updated on July 27, 2010.  

PDF Document Public Art Program Policy 8703

The Public Art Program Administrative Procedures Manual is a resource to City staff, Private Developers and communities.

PDF Document Administrative Procedures Manual

The manual outlines procedures for the creation of public art in four distinct initiatives:

The Richmond Public Art Advisory Committee (RPAAC) is a Council-appointed volunteer advisory committee. The Terms of Reference outlines the duties and responsibilities for committee members and how they support the Public Art Program.

PDF Document RPACC Terms of Reference