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Mail Art Exhibit

International Mail Art Exhibition
The Richmond Art Gallery’s International Mail Art Exhibition is a bi-annual event that encourages artists from all over the world to submit artworks through the mail . This exhibition is intended to be a cultural exchange, where artists exhibit their works and receive new works as part of a swap. This shared enterprise is free from the rules of the art market, and yet we asked artists to respond to the theme of “memory” in all its forms.


Mail Art (aka Postal Art) is an art form where artists exchange artworks and correspondence through the mail to one another. The historical roots of Mail Art can be traced back to the artist Ray Johnson and his New York CorresponDANCE School that formed in the 1960s. Based on the principles of barter and equal, one-to-one collaboration between artists, Mail Art has become a worldwide cultural movement for artists to share visual art, poetry, or any other art form through the postal system.

To continue on in the tradition of this democratic art form, all entries received are included in this exhibition.  Each exhibition will have a specific theme and size requirement of artworks, depending on the related exhibition in the Gallery.

Please watch the Richmond Art Gallery website for updates to find out about submission deadlines and guidelines for 2013.

To view works from the 2011-2012 International Mail Art Exhibition, visit the online gallery at