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About Arts, Culture & Heritage

Mandate, Facilities and Services

Richmond Arts Centre Dance RecitalIn Richmond, the City provides and maintains a number of cultural and heritage facilities including the Library/Cultural Centre which is home to our City's main Library branch, Museum, Arts Centre, Art Gallery, and Archives.

Richmond is also home to the Gateway Theatre and several other public library branches. In addition, art programs are offered in all of our community centres.

Public heritage facilities include Britannia Heritage Shipyard,  London Farm, Minoru Chapel, Steveston Museum and the Steveston Interurban Tram. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is a Federal Government facility.

The responsibility for daily operation and programming of these facilities is shared with City staff and local volunteer organizations.

Through the Planning & Development Department, the City also maintains an Online Heritage Inventory of privately owned properties that have been designated as official heritage sites.

In addition, the City sponsors and supports an active Public Art Program which fosters the development of visual and performance art in our community.

Publicly owned culture and heritage facilities are managed by the Arts, Culture and Heritage Services Division of the Community Services Department. The Public Art Program and the Heritage Inventory have been developed with the support of the Policy Planning Department in the Urban Development Division.

For locations of our facilities download a copy of our map:
PDF Document Culture & Heritage Facilities Map

Arts Update 2016
Arts and culture are fundamentally linked to quality of life and to the health and wellness of all citizens, shaping identities, fostering life-long learning, promoting creativity and innovation, and engaging citizens across generations. The Arts Update 2015 summarizes the progress made towards achieving the goals of the Arts Strategy and supporting the City’s vision “to be the most appealing, livable and well-managed community in Canada.” PDF Document 2016 Arts Update

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Richmond Arts Strategy 2012-2017
The City has updated its Arts Strategy to reflect today’s opportunities and challenges. The purpose of the strategy is to help facilitate the growth of the arts in Richmond by creating an environment and culture in the city that ensures the arts play a strong role in placemaking, community building, tourism and economic development.
PDF Document Richmond Arts Strategy 2012-2017

For more information about the Richmond Arts Strategy, please email

Museum and Heritage Strategy
To make Richmond the most appealing, livable and well-managed community in Canada, Richmond Museum and Heritage Services ensures the community’s museum and heritage needs are being met with a range of places, spaces, programs and services, provided both directly and in partnership with a variety of different organizations. 

At this time, resources are being used to coordinate and prioritize museum and heritage planning, capital projects and operations within the City, including the need for expanded museum space and services. 

Members from the Heritage Commission and Richmond Museum Society have been working with various groups, including community members, consultants, City staff, Tourism Richmond and the Chamber of Commerce, to ensure resources within the City and the development and operations of museum and heritage facilities are maximized to their fullest potential.

PDF Document 2015 Heritage Update
PDF Document 2012-2013 Heritage Update
PDF Document 2011 Heritage Update 
PDF Document Museum and Heritage Strategy
PDF Document Museum and Heritage Strategy Display Boards

To learn about future plans for arts and culture in our community please download the following information:

PDF Document 2016 Arts Update
PDF Document 2015 Arts Update
PDF Document 2014 Arts Update
PDF Document 2013 Arts Update
PDF Document 2012 Arts Update
PDF Document 2011 Arts Update
PDF Document 2010 Arts Update 
PDF Document 2010 Arts & Culture Plan 
PDF Document 2009 Arts Update
PDF Document 2009 Annual Progress Report 
PDF Document 2004 Arts Strategy Report
PDF Document 2004/2005 Arts Strategy Action Plan

Also visit the Parks Recreation and Cultural Services Master Plan section on our website, or view the Community Services Communique.