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Planning & Development

Building Approvals

Inspection Request 24 Hour Phone Line 
Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)
Inspection Requests & Permit Status: 604-276-4111
For more information see Phone IVR Inspection Request User Guide

Building Approvals - General
Phone: 604-276-4285
Fax: 604-276-4063

Plumbing/Gas - Supervisor
Phone: 604-276-4323
Fax: 604-276-4063

Buildings - Supervisor
Phone: 604-276-4354
Fax: 604-276-4063

Permits - Supervisor
Phone: 604-276-4278
Fax: 604-276-4063

Mailing Address:

City of Richmond
Building Approvals Division
6911 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC  V6Y 2C1

Role of Building Approvals
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