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City Hall

Partners in Government

The City of Richmond works in partnership with other levels government and the citizens of Richmond, including residents, local businesses, and local non-profit organizations, to service the community.

Government Partners
Government services in Richmond are provided by the Local, Regional, Provincial, and Federal government agencies. Please visit their websites to learn more about their areas of responsibility.

There are several government agencies and groups represented in Richmond with whom the city has established formal liaisonships. They include the following:

Citizens Advisory Groups
The City also works in consultation with a number of Council appointed Advisory Groups made of local citizens who represent a cross section of our community.

Business Sector Partners
The following non-profit service agencies act as the City's primary liaisons to the local business community.

Community Partners
The City relies on and recognizes the contribution of a great many non-profit community organizations in the provision of community, recreation and social services.

On the topic of partnership:
The GVRD has posted a recent TV series on "The Sustainable Region"  on their website; among these is a presentation on the topic of Governance in which they explore the way government and community works in partnership.

Government sites:
Our Related Links section provides more links to government related agencies and local services.