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Utility Fees

Payment Due Dates and Discounts

Utility Due Dates
Determine what type of service you receive:
  • Flat rate (billed once a year) OR
  • Metered utility (billed quarterly)
Flat Rate Utility Bill due date: March 31, 2017

The Meter Utility payments are due on a quarterly basis:
  • Quarter 1 (January - March) due date in June
  • Quarter 2 (April - June) due date in September
  • Quarter 3 (July - September) due date in December
  • Quarter 4 (October - December) due date in March of the next year

Residents qualify for a 10 % discount if payment is received on or before the due date. The net amount shown on the bill includes the discount.

Late Payments
If you do not pay your utility bill on time you will lose your 10% discount. 

Avoid postal delays by registering with My Property Accounts to receive your property tax and utility bills online.