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Property Taxes

Understanding Your Tax Bill

How to read your Property Tax Bill
See bill example to know PDF Document How to Read Your Property Tax Bill.

Collection of Taxes for Other Taxing Authorities
On property tax statements, the City of Richmond is required to include amounts levied by other taxing authorities over whom the City has no control. The City’s percentage of your total tax payable is 51% in 2016. School taxes collected on behalf of the Provincial government by the City account for 38% of the tax bill. The remainder of the charges were levied by Metro Vancouver (Metro Vancouver), the Greater Vancouver Transit Authority (Translink), the B.C. Assessment Authority (BC Assessment) and the Municipal Finance Authority (MFA-BC).

For information and inquiries regarding amounts levied by other taxing authorities, please contact them directly at:

  • School Taxes (250) 356-0907 (Victoria) 
  • Metro Vancouver 604-432-6200
  • Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority (Translink) 604-453-4000
  • B.C. Assessment Authority 1-866-825-8322
  • Municipal Finance Authority (250) 383-1181 (Victoria)