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Property Taxes

Taxpayer Property Account Information

Find Property Information
Obtain a free uncertified Property Report on any Richmond property. Visit our Property Inquiry application:

Property Inquiry

The report will include:

  • Gross taxes levied
  • Assessed value of the property
  • Folio number
  • Property class
  • Property comparison

Order Tax Certificates
Tax Certificates are conveniently available online through:

  • myLTSA Enterprise: If you have an account, log in and from the main menu, select Service Providers and Order Tax Certificates. For more information about myLTSA or to become a customer, visit

  • APIC: If you prefer to pay for the tax certificate by credit card, please visit to open an account and order your Tax Certificate.

You can also purchase Tax certificates in person by visiting the Property Tax Department on the main floor of City Hall.

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