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Property Taxes

Tax Deferment Program

The Province of BC offers a low interest loan program designed to help qualified BC home owners pay their annual property taxes. There are two tax deferment programs available:

  • Families with children
  • People aged 55 and older, surviving spouses, and people with disabilities

Detailed information and qualification requirements for these programs are available through the Provincial deferment website. Application forms are also available for download on this same site.

New to the Program?
You must pay all your arrears and penalties before applying for the program. Please submit to City Hall by the tax due date:

  • Any arrears and penalties you owe
  • Your home owner grant
  • Your deferment application form

Submissions received at City Hall after the tax due date will be subject to penalty charges.

* Please do not send your application to the Province of BC as they will forward your application back to the City. This redirection of your application will delay your submission and may result in penalty charges. 

Are you on the Preauthorized Withdrawal Plan (PAWS)?
If you are on the preauthorized withdrawal plan and wish to defer your taxes, you must send a request to the Property Tax section at City hall to cancel your monthly payment. Depending on the timing of your cancellation, you may not have outstanding taxes to defer in the current year.

Please send your request by email to or drop off your request at the tax counter at City Hall.

Renew your Tax Deferral
Once you have been approved for the program, you must send a completed renewal application form along with your current year tax bill to the City to defer your taxes. Please remember to claim your home owner grant.

You should receive a Statement of Account and a renewal application form from the Province by late May each year. If you did not receive your renewal form in the mail, please contact the Province at 1-250-356-8121. 

Cancel or Suspend your Tax Deferral
To suspend your tax deferral, pay current year's property taxes while leaving your deferred balance owning. This will leave your deferment account open with the Province of BC and will give you the flexibility of deferring future year's taxes when you choose.

To cancel your tax deferral, pay the Province for the full outstanding balance in your deferment account. This will close your account with the Province and the City will be notified that you are no longer participating in the tax deferral program. Once an account is closed, you will need to reapply to the program if you wish to defer future year's taxes.

To get your deferred account balance, please contact the Province at 1-250-356-8121.