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Finance, Taxes & Budgets

Property Assessments

Property taxes are calculated based on the assessment values set by BC Assessment. The following video provides a simplified explanation of the relationship between your assessment value and your property taxes.

Press the play button and then the square button in the bottom, right-hand corner to watch the video in full screen HD.

BC Assessment sends assessment notices to all BC property owners every January. To avoid surprises at tax time, please review your assessment notice carefully and make sure the assessment value is correct. You can search e-ValueBC to compare your assessment with neighbouring properties to get a sense of the values in your area.

If you feel your assessment is incorrect, contact your BC Assessment appraiser immediately at 1-866-825-8322. 

If you still disagree with your property's assessment value after your discussion with your appraiser, you have until the end of January to appeal the assessment. 

Appeal process details are available on the BC Assessment website.