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Planning and Development

Policy Planning

Policy Planning specializes in establishing long range community planning policies, and develops and implements land use and environmental policies and urban design guideline policies in consultation with the community to make Richmond "the most appealing, liveable and well managed community in Canada".

Policy Planning clients are external clients: communities, residents, organizations, land owners, and developers; and internal clients: Council, committees and City staff.

Policy Planning partners include Federal, Provincial, Regional and Municipal organizations, businesses, community organizations, institutions and consultants.


Planning is the process of managing interests and change. In assisting the City of Richmond to be the most appealing, livable and well managed community in Canada, the Policy Planning staff is comprised of community, land use and environmental planners who provide a wide range of professional services including: visioning, options analysis, policy development, co-ordination, organizational development, urban design, research, data management, training, promotion, project management and community development.

Policy Planning provides the following services:
  • Plan Preparation and Monitoring (e.g., OCP, area plans);
  • Long Range Research and Policy Development:
    • Urban design issues;
    • Physical, land use issues (e.g., Agriculture Viability Strategy);
    • Environmental issues (e.g., ESA Review);
  • Data Management:
    • Census data management;
    • OCP data;
    • City "Hot Facts;"
    • Other;
  • Community Group Liaison and Support (e.g., ACE, Heritage Commission)
  • City Liaison on Committees:
    • Port Authorities;
    • GVRD Committees;
    • FREMP;
    • Regional Committees;
  • Internal Services:
    • Front Counter Client inquiries;
    • Land use information;
    • Strategic Team support;
    • Integrated Service Team support

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