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Planning and Development

Building Approvals

The Building Approvals Division consists of two sections: Permits and Inspections. Please refer to Building Approvals Department Staff Profile for detailed information and photos regarding the departments Mandate, Team, Projects, Attitude, Partners & Process.

Responsible for receiving and reviewing construction drawings for all types of buildings and structures, prior to permit issuance. The drawings are reviewed for compliance to the BC Building Code, as well as City Zoning and Development and Building Regulations. For large and complex buildings, the section undertakes reviews on plumbing and mechanical systems.

This review process involves different areas within the City, such as Health, Fire and Planning. Comments from the various areas are reviewed, complied and forwarded to the applicant. When all issues from the various areas are resolved, a permit is issued.

Responsible for on the site construction of the building, and the associated plumbing and gas work.

The Inspectors are responsible for inspecting the various stages of building construction and associated plumbing/gas installation to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and bylaws. By using the reviewed drawings, the inspector is able to assist the builder in identifying areas of concerns or unusual/new construction techniques which may require special attention.

The Permits and Inspection sections of the Building Approvals Department work together to ensure the minimum standards with respect to public health, fire protection, life safety, and structural sufficiency is uniformly addressed, on all buildings and structures within the City of Richmond.

Contacts: Building Approvals Contacts

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