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Law & Community Safety


Fire-Rescue's programs are delivered in an integrated way with each section working together to achieve our mission. We work in partnership with the community and our safety partners in support of a safe Richmond.

Our mission
"To protect and enhance the City's livability through service excellence in prevention, education and emergency response."
We are in the business of saving lives, preventing injuries, and minimizing loss. This is achieved through the integrated delivery of our prevention, education, and emergency response programs.

Focuses on community risk and supports safety and effective emergency response. They:

  • Conduct fire inspections and enforce regulations.
  • Conduct fire investigations for cause.
  • Review permits and plans for regulatory safety compliance.
  • Provide fire and life safety information.

Focuses on injury reduction, loss of life prevention and encourages everyone to take responsibility for their own safety. Education is based on community risk, emerging needs, and the diverse needs of Richmond. They:

  • Coordinate the delivery of community-based fire and life safety educational information and programs.
  • Connect with the community to facilitate mutual understanding, community needs  and to build relationships.
Emergency Response
Focuses on emergency fire or rescue 9-1-1 call response to avoid or limit the loss of life, property, or business. They:

  • Deliver continuous emergency 9-1-1 fire and rescue services.
  • Conduct fire safety drills.
  • Conduct fire and home safety inspections.
  • Deliver safety information and programs.
  • Train and drill to maintain skills.
  • Test apparatus and equipment to maintain emergency readiness.
  • Examine service delivery and conducts pre-emergency planning.

Our programs are managed and/or supported by our staff in administration, training, emergency equipment and vehicle maintenance units.

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