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Law & Community Safety

Emergency Programs

The Emergency Programs section provides services to ensure the protection of life, public infrastructure, private property and the environment in the event of an emergency or disaster situation. This section works closely with Richmond's protective service agencies and other divisions to develop plans and programs which outline the City's preparedness, response and recovery measures.

The Emergency Programs key initiatives include:

Emergency Management

  • Emergency Operations Centre Year 2000 ActivationOversees emergency planning activities, including program planning, development and implementation.
  • Ensures the Emergency Plan identifies the specific actions, roles and responsibilities to be carried out in the event of an emergency or disaster as well as identify response priorities and recovery strategies.
  • Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) - In the event of an emergency the City will activate its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). The EOC is a facility where key City personnel and other response agencies gather to co-ordinate resources needed to respond to emergency situations.
  • Regional Emergency Co-ordination Centre - The City is also a participating member of the RECC or the Regional Emergency Co-ordination Centre which is located at the ECOMM building in Vancouver. The purpose of the RECC is to enhance emergency response measures by bringing various municipalities and utility companies together allowing them to share information and resources.

Emergency Response Training SessionTraining and Exercise

  • Co-ordinates the training and exercise to provide regular training to staff and volunteers who have designated emergency response roles in the Emergency Plan.

Community Awareness

  • Provides the public with on-going education with respect to overall emergency preparedness through presentations, demonstrations and promotional material.
  • Reviews how we will communicate with the community in the event of a disaster.

Emergency Social Services

  • Volunteer Information NightEnsures the current Emergency Social Services Plan addresses the provision of services to evacuees, including temporary food, shelter, clothing, counselling and other personal services. The plan will also include details of facilities to assist staff and volunteers in the establishment of reception centres or emergency shelters.
  • Provides Personal Disaster Assistance to support individuals who are displaced from their homes due to fire or other emergency situations. If support for the family is not immediately available through family, friends or insurance, Personal Disaster Assistance may provide accommodation, food, clothing and other necessities for up to three days following the disaster.

Resource and Communications Program

  • Maintains the listing of resources and communications available throughout the community and the associated costs/agreements. This initiative also includes a review of the communication methods to be used in the event of an emergency and recommendations concerning alternatives that are available.

Departmental Emergency Planning

  • Reviews Departmental Emergency Plans to identify how priority services will be restored and what main services will be provided.

Business Continuity Planning

  • Ensures the Business Continuity Plan identifies the risk assessment, business impact, recovery strategy, business continuity and implementation procedures for ensuring that key city services are maintained after an emergency or disaster.

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