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Law & Community Safety


The role of the Community Bylaws Department is to either lead, assist or partner with others to ensure that the City's various bylaws are compiled with regard for the overall benefit of the community.

The enforcement staff investigate possible bylaw infractions, liaise with interested parties with an aim at gaining voluntary compliance with the City's bylaws. Their approach to bylaw enforcement is progressive in nature.

Common bylaw infractions enforced are: Unsightly Premises; Zoning (Land Use); Sign; Building and Vehicle for hire (towing). Seasonal programs include Noxious Weed Control; and Water Sprinkling Regulations. In addition, the Soil Replacement/Removal and Towing from Private Parking lot permits are processed by this group.

The Parking section's purpose is to enhance the City's safety, liveability, beautification, and reduce liability risks through the enforcement of its parking and traffic related bylaws.

The enforcement staff address non-moving traffic violations on City streets and lands. Some common infractions enforced are: double parking; road obstruction; fire hydrant obstruction; parking by yellow curbs; driveway encroachment;  parking in no stopping zones on major arterials and fire lanes; crosswalk encroachment; blocked sidewalks; parking facing traffic; construction zones; unlicensed vehicles; abandoned vehicle removal; unattached trailers; and unauthorized parking in public handicapped stalls.

Education is the foundation of the unit's progressive bylaw enforcement approach. Officers also assist the public by providing directions to those who are lost; and offer assistance to those whose vehicle may have broken down.


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