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Community Services

Community Social Development

Richmond has a strong tradition of addressing social issues in its planning and service delivery – a tradition of listening, engaging and collaboratively responding to resident’s social concerns. Community social development focuses on working cooperatively with other agencies in the development of networks, programs and processes to respond to the needs of vulnerable populations, promote cultural enrichment, and nurture and enhance the community’s social capital.

Examples of the City’s commitment to social development include:

  • Direct service delivery
  • Adoption of policies
  • Development of plans to address targeted population groups or identified community concerns
  • Advocacy to other levels of government
  • Support of community agencies and partners
  • Securing child care facilities, affordable housing and other community amenities from private development through the rezoning process

The following sections make up the Community Social Development Department:

Social Development Strategy
The Social Development Strategy guides the City’s community social development work. This strategy envisions Richmond as an inclusive, engaged, and caring community—one that considers the needs of the present and future generations, values and builds on its diversity, nurtures its social capital, and treats its citizens with fairness and respect.

Other Plans and Policies
Community Social Development is grounded by a solid foundation of plans and policies that guide its work. In addition to the Social Development Strategy, the following plans and strategies help guide the department’s work:

Advisory Committees
Four of the City of Richmond’s Council-appointed Advisory Committees are involved in the work of community social development:

If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise on any of the following committees, please download the application form here.

Community Social Development 

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