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Community Services

Organization Chart and Overview

Org Chart Community Services

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Community Services Division
The Division is responsible for the following City functions:

The Parks Department is responsible for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of City parks, trails and green spaces. This section also coordinates  Special Events in the City's parks and is involved in many civic beautification initiatives. 

Recreation and Sport Services
The Recreation and Sports Services Department works in partnership with local community associations, volunteer organizations, sports groups and others to ensure the provision of innovative, affordable and inclusive sport and recreation programs, services, events and facilities in response to the diverse needs of the  community. The department is also responsible for the leadership of the administration, research and strategic planning functions of the Community Services Division.  

Art, Culture, and Heritage Services
The mandate of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Group is to create an environment of culture in the city that ensures arts, heritage and culture play a strong role in place making, community building, tourism and economic development by focusing on transitioning from the current “grass roots” approach to arts and culture, to one that embraces a fuller range of opportunities from beginner/recreational to professional. 

Community Social Development
The Community Social Development Section works cooperatively with other agencies in the development of networks, programs and processes that promote social interaction and cultural enrichment, protect our vulnerable citizens, respect social diversity, and ensure that we put priority on developing our social capital. The goal is to act as a catalyst to build capacity within our organization and community to address social service issues in a more focused, coordinated, effective and productive manner.

School Board Liaison
The City maintains communication with the Richmond School District No. 38 through the Council/School Board Liaison Committee and administratively through the Community Services Division. The Board is an elected body composed of seven trustees who are responsible for managing Richmond School District No. 38.

Public Library Liaison
The Community Services Division acts as the City's liaison with the Board and management of the Richmond Public Library. The Richmond Public Library is an independent body governed by the Richmond Library Board and under the authority of the British Columbia Library Act. Funding for the Library comes primarily from the City with special and supplemental funding coming from the provincial government.

Gateway Theatre Liaison
The Cultural Services Department acts as the City's liaison with the Board and management of the Gateway Theatre. The Gateway is a civic theatre constructed by the City in 1984 to provide a venue for the performing arts in Richmond.

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