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Community Services

Arts, Culture and Heritage Services

The mandate of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Department is to create an environment of culture in the city that ensures arts, heritage and culture play a strong role in place making, community building, tourism and economic development by focusing on transitioning from the current “grass roots” approach to arts and culture, to one that embraces a fuller range of opportunities from beginner/recreational to professional.

The focus will be placed on activities that fast track the growth and development of the city’s arts and cultural community, foster a thriving and vibrant arts scene, activate city streets, preserve and promote our heritage, and enhance the overall experience for residents and visitors.

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Department  will also provide a readily accessible and direct operational resource with which external arts and cultural community stakeholders can consult and partner. 

The department is divided into the following sections:
  • Arts Services
  • Community Cultural Development
  • Museum & Heritage Services
  • Major Events & Film 
Contacts: Arts, Culture & Heritage

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